Peaceful Weekend

As always, we had grand plans of the thousands of jobs we were going to get done over the weekend. Then we woke to a fairly grey day. That seems to take the pep right out of our get-up-and-go attitudes! But we reclaimed Saturday, slightly! After a very leisurely morning we decided to go to the larger of the local town libraries. It’s so good now that the kids are that bit older. We can leave them in the kids section and go upstairs to the sections we like. Not that I’ve ever worried about my two leaving the library or anything-just for fear something could happen to them. At one point they were done and came up with their stacks, sat on two easy chairs with a table between them and just started to read away. I think we left with about 30 books in total. So not our full allotment-but more than enough to keep everyone busy.

We then decided to do the food shopping, before heading home to make our pizza. Michael had gotten the dough ready before we left. The pizza was delicious, and then he made some cheese sticks with the left over dough-they were well appreciated by all!

Today started with a quick trip to the farmers market. Of course we hadn’t done any planning ahead of time of what we wanted, so got all the usuals. Then headed home and had one of those relaxing, yet busy garden days. Michael and I actually managed to sit outside reading for I think almost a whole hour. Very rare indeed. We did manage to get all the weeding done, and I must have spent 3 hours in the green house trying to cut away any unnecessary leaves. We have tomatoes-still green, but they look better than any we’ve had for three years!

These are my lovely flower pots I can see from my kitchen window.



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