Art in the Rainforest

The event at the garden that the kids and I over slept for was to go to Wisley Gardens and make a collage based on the fauna observed in the greenhouse. One of the moms, D, who organises our local art group didn’t bring her youngest daughter and decided to bring her to our Living Rainforest and do the same activity with her. She kindly offered to bring enough material for Hazel & Kieran to make one as well.

So off we all trotted to observe the plants and for the kids to make a collage. I have to admit-I don’t think I’d paid that much attention to the plants before! I saw quite a few I liked. Hazel & Kieran sketched a few leaves in preparation to do their collage. We had fun looking at all the leaves, flowers and animals-and photographed quite a few.

This was Kieran’s favourite:


Miss Puddleduck helped me with this photo:


Hazel liked these:



I liked these:



The toucan surprised us as he was very easy to spot this visit. It usually takes ages before we can normally spot him.


Kieran and Miss Puddleduck had a great time with the Goeldi monkeys. It really looked like one of them was playing peek-a-boo with the kids.

After our wander round we decided on a break-mostly to cool off! The kids played in the playground for a bit and then we had lunch. Kieran & Hazel were so excited because that was the 2nd lunch we bought out that week. I always feel guilty if I don’t bring something from home-but their sandwiches are quite nice and on fair-trade rolls-so not too much of a compromise.


We then decided to see what the ‘banana event’ was all about. Basically the kids got a piece of a pointy branch and wrote a message on the banana peel about what people can do to save the rainforest. Here are the kids:



(Hazel’s says: Don’t cut down the forests)

While the kids were doing their bananas a man came over and asked if they’d like to answer some questions that would be broadcast over the next week on the radio. My two agreed to do so-though I think he was a bit baffled by my two. They wouldn’t just ‘guess’ at things. He asked the best way to get to Singapore (or some such place) and my two (who were interviewed separately) both said they didn’t know-and no matter how much prompting the man tried-they just wouldn’t shout out a random answer. Hazel told him she couldn’t answer the question as she didn’t know where the place was. This happened on about 4 questions. I was rather impressed that no matter how much he prompted-they wouldn’t shout out an answer or an opinion that wasn’t theirs, and they actually considered all his questions.

Then we took over one of the tables in the main hall to do our crafting. The staff were very accommodating and didn’t mind at all. The kids had fun-though Kieran did his as sparsely as he could. My boy is really into simplicity! Hazel on the other hand would have sat there another 2 hours! While she was finishing up I took the youngest two back in for another chat with the monkeys.

The finished works of art:


It was a very enjoyable day-and the kids both hung up their creations within moments of coming home. Thank you D!!

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