Day out with Daddy

It’s rare that I feel the need for everyone to leave the house-but I really needed to catch up on some things around here. But the day was planned with two activities, so what was I to do? Plan B-sweet talk Michael into taking a day off! Ok, so that’s generally the easiest thing I can do, but when he has the added incentive of two outings with the kids, I barely needed to finish the sentence! So off they headed, and I got busy. What I did is dull and not necessary to write about, but they had fun.

First stop of the day, well I’ll let the photos tell the story.






Mind you, what they don’t tell you is about the lunch they had. Hazel had to call me to let me know, not only did their daddy purchase them all a hot meal-he ordered chips as well! And it cost £14.00!!! She was mighty shocked. Though I think she had no problem eating them all! If you ever go to Didcot-they do chips well!

Later in the afternoon they went to Science Oxford for one of the make-and-takes. Kieran was thrilled that Kyle from the lecture was in charge of that one. The experiment wasn’t much to write home about though-as we’d done it at home already. Actually-it was one Kieran did all on his own one day. But they all enjoyed the outing as a whole. And I re-organized, put-away, re-housed and sorted out things to go!

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