Music Academy Recital

Musical recital time is something new for us, but any opportunity for the kids to play in front of an audience is great.  The academy here has many good students, and I’m thrilled to see how well my two are coming along, especially with their piano skills.

Hazel: Moonlight Sonata, a very proud mother had a few tears of joy while this was being performed!

Kieran: Minuet in G

Hazel & Kieran: Waterfall

Kieran: He’s a Pirate. For the recital Kieran wasn’t going to play a guitar piece because they could only play a classical piece, which he didn’t really want to do. At the last minute he had an idea: he played classically, but not a classical piece. The program for the day is 4 columns of classical music, and the last piece was titled “He’s a Pirate”. There is one little hiccup at the end-but I think it went rather well for less than 2 weeks putting it together.

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