Ballet & Friends

6:40pm and two children tucked in bed fast asleep and a husband out for the evening! Now I only have loads of laundry to do, dishes to wash, a house to tidy, gardening to get done—Oh—I sometimes miss those nights when there was nothing to do but relax with some friends or a good book –but only sometimes!

We had a busy day today. I watch a friends little girl, Victoria, every Thursday morning till about 1. She’s really cute and we do enjoy her company. Today she didn’t want to leave—I have that affect on little ones! Victoria is half French—so we are all learning a few basic words of French. Hazel thinks that if she puts a French accent on a word she is talking French–typical! Hazel and Kieran dote on her and she lets them lead her around. It’s nice for my two to have a younger child around (she’s 20 months)- and it’s good for her to be around some older kids—so it’s a great opportunity for all of them.

We also had ballet—both kids are in the same class this term. Kieran is the only boy at the moment but he does love it. I’ll post a picture when I figure out how to do it! Our builder stopped by just after we all got back to fix some bricks on the driveway. H & K love Ken. He’s been here on and off since just before Kieran’s 1st birthday. Have to admit—I enjoy his company as well! Lucky for him we baked biscuits yesterday—Oatmeal Raisin from Martha—to go with his coffee.

Meanwhile another friend stopped by for a few hours with her two girls. Baby Sofia is 3 weeks old today—Kieran is smitten with her, and Hazel is desperate to hold her. When Carole came for Victoria they stayed for lunch as well—so as the kids played, we had a good chat. The older kids played as children do—needless to say I have lots of pots and pans to put away, a sundry of toys to put back in place, and I have to find a home for some new artwork. So I better get to it.

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