The Week That Was

We’ve had a busy week yet again—mostly with gardening and re-doing the back garden. I don’t know which direction to write it in—try and go backwards, or start from the beginning. Oh the dilemmas I have! I think I’ll try and start from last week forward; it’ll exercise the brain a bit trying to recall what we’ve done!

Friday the 9th- Michael took the day off to do some work around the house. We spent most of the day in the back-garden. I planted about 25 of my tomato plants (4 varieties) in the new bed, and re-potted on many more plants. The kids and I planted flower seedlings in the front patios flower bed. We put in about 40-50 Snap-dragons. They are from last years seeds and are doing well. I’ve been growing them for a bed in the back garden which won’t be ready till the end of the season. We’ll transplant them at the end of the summer. The first year is usually a small display—so hopefully they’ll survive and provide a lovely display of colour in the back garden next year.

Saturday the 10th- The morning was spent at the allotment. The kids were really good and when they weren’t watering the plants, they entertained themselves. At one point Kieran was sitting in a field of grass, we could just make out his face—and it was a wonderful sight of a child in love with the outdoors—too bad I didn’t have my camera! Anyway–we planted all the peppers, remaining tomato plants (most will be done at home due to the blight that hit them last year!), the pumpkins, squash, courgettes, corn and my one remaining cucumber plant the slugs didn’t devour. We were also able to salvage some of last year Anya potato seeds and transplant them—hopefully they’ll do well. Then it was home for showers, a quick change into their England tee-shirts, then some lunch before the start of the World Cup. England won—and Hazel has the Peter Crouch celebration dance down pat!

Sunday the 11th- We had a fairly relaxed day. We went to recycling, did some household furnishing shopping and of course—a trip to a nursery. Can you spot my new obsession in life? Hazel and I have wanted a blueberry bush—so we finally acquired one! It is an odd thing for us to want as I never buy them! Blueberries are just so expensive—a handful cost about £4, or $7.00. We also found some stunning pot-marigolds, so I had to have those as well. I rarely ever buy flower plants—I try and grow everything from seed. But as my own marigolds are still small I needed something to attract some hoverflies to the tomato plants!

Monday through Wednesday were fairly slow days for the kids and myself. Monday morning was spent catching up with a radio re-telling of Bedknob & Broomsticks—Hazel and I are really enjoying it. We listened to three days worth! As always, it’s so different from the movie. I’m hoping they have another new series we like after this one.

We also did the grocery shopping, and a trip back to the nursery. I needed (wanted) two more of the pot-marigolds for the garden. The rest of the three days were spent just playing (Their imaginative play would take forever to write about—they are champs at that!), made some dinosaur finger puppets and tried to tend to all the plants. Hazel has become the chief plant-waterer this week. Wednesday was laundry day—so they let me get that all done.

We don’t watch much daytime TV around here, but the BBC have had a show for the kids called Spring Watch on at noon the past few weeks. We did see it the last two weeks, and it was great. They had a few different segments each day and taught about all sorts of birds, bugs, flowers, trees, and much more. The kids and I really enjoyed it. We generally have a wide range of birds in our garden as our neighbours have a zillion bird-feeders so the kids know the names of quite a few. But it was fun to watch the baby birds being fed and learning to fly.

Thursday was our usually day for Ballet & Victoria. The only major difference was I needed a few things at the grocery store so we all did that. It was odd having a little one sitting in the trolley and two walking—how do people with four or more kids do it all? We had to have enough provisions for England’s second World Cup game—which they won as well! As the kids had a nap so they could watch the game, a late night was had by all—but the kids enjoyed the game and a late night trip to the allotment. Not that they considerer it late as it doesn’t get dark now till almost 10pm.

Friday—The day started with a card from my sister with some photos of her kids—they have all grown and are just as beautiful as can be! Cannot believe Allison is off to Rutgers this fall!

.Michael had another day off—so we decided on an outing. We drove to Oxford to take H & K to the Natural History Museum. We felt it would be worthwhile as they’ve just watched all those programs about the ‘smaller’ creatures here in England. They were both able to point out many things they had just learned, like Stag Beetles. They did enjoy it, but were just a bit too tired to enjoy it for long.

The kids also started new workbooks today. Hazel’s is on writing readiness, and Kieran has a counting one. I’ve placed an order with Amazon for some new ones—and a video for the kids—so I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us.

Today! Saturday! Finally! Today is an easy day to write about. We had a leisurely morning, and then got ready for a birthday party. My cousins eldest had her 4th birthday party today. Hazel & Kieran were in heaven when they got there—there was a bouncy castle! We hardly saw the two of them!
As they live just under an hour drive from us so we took advantage of the drive east by going a bit early and stopping off at a mall. I finally found the kids some drinking cups with crazy straws attached. What says you—that shouldn’t be hard? Well it wouldn’t if we’d buy them things with characters on them! So anyway—they finally have some fun cups and I didn’t have to buy a Barbie product! On the way home we stopped off at Pizza Hut—the first time we’ve been to a Fast food restaurant since January. The kids needed to be woken up—and they were to busy in the bouncy castle to eat much lunch!

Wow—it is a bit tricky to recall a whole week! Think I’ll have to do a mid-week post as well.

It’s time to go wrap a few Father’s Day gifts. We found a new Green & Black chocolate bar I thought Michael would like—dark chocolate with cherries—Michael’s favourite fruit and type of chocolate. Hazel had a great idea—since Daddy would share his chocolate anyway—why don’t we just buy four of them? So of course I did! Poor kid though when she finds out that no, she can’t have a whole one! Well, not in a day anyway!

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