Monday Morning in the Park

The kids and I had a lovely morning in the town park today–three hours of non-stop play and sunshine. We met up with three other families, so there were plenty of kids to keep everyone on their toes–except our friends new baby–she’s two weeks old and very lovely.

I let Hazel & Kieran bring their trikes today–the first time I’ve ever let them bring them anywhere other than the allotment. They were as good as gold about staying on the paths and watching out for people and cars. We were going to get them new bicycles at Easter time but have put it off. But after seeing poor Hazel on her small trike today has made me resolved that we are paying a visit to the bicycle shop this Saturday. The poor child has really outgrown hers–though she still scoots around on it as fast as possible. We ended the day with a call to Auntie Debbie so Kieran could tell her about his day at the park–it was great to see him chat with her.

The weekend was spent mostly at home with Michael working on building a new flower bed for my Nectarine tree. He is also trying to level the back garden by himself–he only has about 30 more tons of soil to shift. We also took some time out to watch the England football team play a friendly match. We’re all getting set for the World Cup–I even bought them all England Football tee-shirts for the occasion. On Sunday we visited the local Farmers Market to get some meat–and the kids’ favourite treat–sausage sandwiches.

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