Thursday 1st of June: Kieran has learnt to swing! We bought the kids a new swing set just after Easter. Hazel mastered the skill about two weeks ago. She has never been so enthused with any activity as she is with swinging. She seems to revel in the movement–that sense of flying/abandon. They have both been so proud of their accomplishments.

They have both been doing some pre-school type workbooks lately. Hazel loves the work and is always asking for more-though I do try to keep it to about 4 pages a day of the harder book. Kieran is coming along swiftly–he follows all the directions really well, though at times he can be easily distracted. But when he wants to do them–there seems to be no stopping him.

I’ll be working on a schedule for them over the next few months as they are getting a bit older now (H-4 1/2 & K-3 1/2)–and I think we all need structure to our days. First on the agenda is to learn more about telling time–both are trying to constantly tell the time–which I believe is telling me something.

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