Halloween 2014

Halloween American style was fun!  We decorated the house, we even put lights up outside.  The house we are renting here is huge, so our decorations look fairly sparse in this house, so not enough for Kieran’s taste, but I think we did plenty.  The kids had fun putting the lights up outside and all the spider webs.

We were invited to a party the week prior by one of Michael’s workmates.  Sadly, it wasn’t the best party-but they did try hard!  Every inch of the house was decorated and they even built a huge maze.  The only hitch was the other guests didn’t really interact with anyone, so it was on the quiet side!  We all walked away with a few prizes (Michael won!) and learned a few things on not to do if we host a party!

Halloween itself was fun.  It actually rained, a much needed event here in California, but we were all hoping it would clear by evening, and it did.  We were invited over to the kid’s friend’s house for dinner and Trick-or-Treating.  Kieran’s friend Satchel had a half-day at school so he came over for the afternoon, then when Michael came home we all went over to his house.  The kids friends, brother and sister: Sophia and Satchel, are great fun, they are both very entertaining.  It’s always great when they all get along and the four of them, plus their little sister all had a fun evening.  The parents are really laid back and welcoming, a great mixture.  We had some minestrone and pizza then all went out with the kids.  My two were thrilled by over 3 pounds in weight of goodies each!  Not sure the dental bills will like that, but it is their one and only truly wild Halloween, so I’m going with the fun of it this year!

Edit:  OK, I can’t go with the flow!  Our dentist had a ‘Buy-Back’ scheme running, for every pound of sweets you brought in, you received a $1.00, and each child would get a new toothbrush.  We went with that!  They traded in just over 6 pounds of sweets!  Michael and I added to their bounty for being so good about the trade in.  They then both received a new toothbrush, $5 each and they still have enough sweets for a couple of months.  Result!

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