Hazel & I in Dreamcatcher

When Michael and I knew we were moving to California for the year, we decided to get the kids their own tablets. (We went for an inexpensive version, bought with our vouchers-so basically free, but a good buy!) The idea was that if they had their own tablets it would make it easier for the children to stay in touch with their friends in the UK, and we also knew it would help pass the time in the hotel during our month long stay. Kieran has mostly used his for games, whereas Hazel has been using hers to stay connected with friends, but she also discovered the world of book blogs, especially those of her favourite authors.

When she realized this, she happily started to follow a few. The blogs have provided Hazel with a wealth of information, she has won a few books, she has also learned so many new things and she has met many people online (in a safe environment) who have the same interests as her. It was when she stumbled across Cathy Cassidy’s blogzine, Dreamcatcher, as well as her Facebook page, that Hazel actually became more involved with the online pre-teen to teen reading world. It was a great outlet for Hazel during our time of transition, and I am thrilled that she had such a positive online experience, with something new each and every day to discuss.

Hazel had gotten to know the author, Cathy Cassidy online and she really enjoys Cathy’s Facebook page as well. Hazel has been able to have online discussions about so many important topics and many ‘just for fun’ topics with other like-minded teens. This year, Cathy Cassidy started doing an online series about ‘Mother-Daughter’ relationships, and Hazel and I were thrilled to be invited to participate, and here is our interview from August 2014:

Dreamcatcher: Hazel: Mom is my-biggest-supporter

If you have a child interested in reading, two of the blogs Hazel has enjoyed are:

Cathy Cassidy: Dreamcatcher

Girls Heart Books  (Many, many authors contribute to this blog, but Jo Cotterill is the main ‘administrator’.)

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2 Responses to Hazel & I in Dreamcatcher

  1. Michelle says:

    C&I are far closer than I was with my mother when I was C’s age. I feel very lucky to have been able to enjoy her growing up and share in her home education.

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