The 238th July Fourth

The kids had their first “4th of July” today.  Due to the 3-year old drought here in California, there were very few firework displays in the area, not even sparklers were allowed. We didn’t want to brave the crowds of San Francisco for a firework display, so we went to the town of Livermore’s display, the only one other than San Francisco.  It was quite good considering it had to be done in the town centre on top of the buildings.  We had a quite day and then went to meet up with a visiting UK couple in a restaurant in town before the display started.  The husband, who works at the same company as Michael, is here from the UK for a month and his wife and their 6 month old son joined them.  They were very friendly and the baby was an adorable big, bouncy, baby boy.  We were wondering how he would handle the fireworks (they did have ear defenders for him) and to put it mildly, he loved them, until the last couple that were the whizzing type.  He just made such a funny face when they changed them, but he didn’t cry.  Just after the fireworks were over we bumped into one of the other UK families that has moved over here.  So it was the first Independence day for a Welsh man, Irish woman and a whole host of English people and for my two, who are a little of both worlds!

Their first 4th of July

Their first 4th of July

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