Friends, Beach, Family

During the half-term, the move to California started to feel like it was really going to happen because the moving company’s came to do their estimates. I’ve never had a mover before, so this will be interesting. Doesn’t seem too hard so far, especially as I just have to point out what we want to bring with us and they do all the work.

The kids got to spend some time with their friends over the half-term. Jamie came over on Thursday morning for a sleep-over. He isn’t allowed to play computer games very often, so as it was raining I told the boys I was fine with them OD’ing on video games for the day. I thought that as it was the last sleep-over for the year, it would be OK. Hopefully his mom will forget by the time we get back. Plus, they couldn’t help it that it was raining and they preferred to stay here playing for the day rather than going on an outing.

On Friday morning we picked up Hazel’s best friend Eleanor and we headed to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for one of their science lectures. I loved the way all four of them chatted happily in the car about the Olympics and how proud they were of the British winners. We met Jamie’s family at the lab, so the girls got to spend a bit of time with Jamie’s sister Polly-Mirren. The kids all enjoyed the show, always a good thing. I took my two and Eleanor out to lunch afterwards to our favourite lunch shop. The girls spent most of the afternoon and evening doing the usual—talking about books and watching movies.

On Saturday when Michael got home from picking up Hazel from her flute choir session we decided to head down to Bournemouth for a walk in the sunshine. We had a quick mid-morning breakfast and then headed to the beach, and luckily it was still sunny when we got there. We had a nice walk to the pier where we had lunch before ambling back to the car. It is always wonderful to be by the seaside.

This past Saturday we drove up north to Michael’s brothers’ house for a small ‘goodbye-for-the-year’ gathering. The kids enjoyed spending the day with his children and though we don’t see them too often, they will miss them. I tried to think of a way to steal their youngest, but just figured I’d get caught. He is just too cute! Our youngest niece held on to Hazel’s coat when we were leaving, she didn’t want her to go. Poor Abigail is in for some huge changes over the next month herself. They are moving to the east of London and they will be leaving all of her older step-sister’s behind, so not the best time for us to be disappearing on her as well. Hopefully Skype will help the year go quickly.

Today was a huge day for Hazel—she finally had her ears pierced, again. (Long story!) It’s taken me four years to get up the courage to try and have them done again—but we did it. One day she will forgive me for being such a coward and making her wait so long.

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2 Responses to Friends, Beach, Family

  1. Bridget says:

    You were just down the road from me in Bournemouth.
    Glad you had a good time there

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Bridget, we go to Bournemouth quite often, especially during the winter. I love the walk along the beach, really clears the cobwebs out! We are huge fans of Avon and Friar’s Cliff beaches.

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