Massive Update in Progress and NEWS!

Once again I’m trying to revive this blog.  I had the Jan to Apr 2013 post written last May, but never posted, and I have no recollection as to why not.  Now I am in the process of trying to recall everything from May onwards.  Most of it seems a blur—let’s just call it mid-life-post-surgical-brain syndrome!  But I am going to use the photos as my guide and that should help.

I’ve missed the blog world again, but we also have another reason for wanting to start again—we are going on an adventure.  No, not in the style of the Wondering Wanderers, I’m not as courageous as Nic!  Nor are my kids and Michael prepared to deal with me in a caravan for more than a night or two.  Nic and other fearless wanderers would laugh at all the pondering we have put into this.*

Michael has been offered a year of working in California, just east of San Francisco.  I’d love to say that we jumped at the chance and said ‘YES!’ right away—but we didn’t. (Pathetic, I know!) We even turned it down thinking it was going to cost us too much!  See—I’m so not fearless.  After a lengthy time of reconsideration we decided to go for it as it is the best time to do something like this with the kids.  They are at the right age, not too young that they won’t remember but also not too old that they won’t mind being uprooted at this time.

I’ll write a bit more on the year away after I finish the other updates.  I have just over a month till we go—so must get working!

*To my credit—I did once jump ship, quit a good job, gave all my possessions away and left a country all on a whim!

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