Mid-February Mini-Recap!

Hazel finally had her birthday sleepover on the 1st of February. Nelly came for the day and we lost the two of them to the world of movies, books and board games.  They did surface at times for food, but that was about as much as we saw them.

Hazel had two badminton doubles tournaments with her partner Jasmine.  The girls held their own, but didn’t win any of their games. 

My driving ban was lifted on the 12th, the day I had my follow-up with my surgeon.  I would like to thank Mother-Nature for holding off on the huge storm that day.  It was bad enough that I had fallen trees and massive puddles to contend with, but I don’t think I could have driven for the first time since surgery in a storm.  We had sunshine for the drive there and back, and we were in the house less than half-an hour before a downpour.

The surgeon agreed that all seems to have gone as well as it could and he agreed with me I was doing far better than expected.  We can only cross all our fingers and toes and hope there isn’t yet another recurrence.  And we can all hope for an end to this rain!

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