January-A Recap

Michael’s parents decided that they’d come just after the New Years for a couple of days.  Luckily I was feeling up to company because on the Saturday his brother and his wife with their two youngest children came as well.  We had a full house and Michael was brilliant and catered for everyone, even though he’d already been back to work during the week and was pulling a double duty here and at work.  The kids and Michael also deemed it was safe enough for me to help out by washing the dishes during the day.  I left all lifting to Michael and just washed what I could, I was not jeopardizing my recovery.  It was nice to see every one and I was glad I was up for the visits.

The constant rain this past month caused us only a couple of minor problems, a small leak in the kitchen and two fence panels needed to be fixed as the post rotted away.  The children were able to help Michael get the panels down before they were blown down and ruined.  Tis nice having such big kids these days!

My driving ban lasts until February, so we needed to do as much as we could to keep things as normal as possible this month for the children.   Michael took the Monday afternoons off to bring the kids to their guitar and flute lessons, and their piano teacher came to the house as normal.  Michael was able to bring them to scouts and badminton, so the kids didn’t miss out on any events.  Michael and I did the shopping in the evenings, my main source of entertainment this month other than our weekly evenings at a pub when the kids are at scouts.

Luckily the rained eased up at times and we managed to walk to a few places during the week.  We visited the Garden Centre the first day I felt like going that far alone with the kids and I bought them each a hot chocolate—the kind with a zillion marshmallows and cream.  It was a little thank-you for taking such good care of me after my operation.

The two main highlights for the month were that Kieran sent in a question to BBC Stargazing Live and Col. Chris Hadfield answered his question.  Kieran was leaping around the place he was so thrilled.  And the best thing was—the kids and I finally spotted a Kingfisher!  We have a lovely lake just down the road and we know there is a Kingfisher there, but this was the first time we actually ever saw it.  I cannot tell you how happy that made me.  It is the simple things that bring me joy.

The last main event was the yearly RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch.  We spotted 13 species with a total of 42 birds.   This is the second time we spotted 42 birds during a watch, and yes I do keep a log!

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