Surgery and Recuperation

I had a fairly major operation on Wednesday the 18th of December.  I had 3 surgeons, 2 anaesthesiologists, an epidural and a general anaesthetic.  They did 6 procedures in just over four hours and gave me a brand new scar the full length of my abdomen.  The joys of endometriosis and the complications it has brought to my life.

Suffice to say, the doctors did their best and I have lived to tell the tale.  The recovery has been better than I could ever have anticipated.  The surgeons were surprised to see me sitting up in a chair the next day-I managed about 4 hours.  I was up and walking the length of the whole unit by the Friday morning.  Of all of my long term hospital stays, this one was not too bad at all.  The nursing staff has always been top rate on the ward, so I knew I was in good hands.  The other patients were pleasant, and tended to vacate the beds quickly during the week so that by the last night I had the ward to myself.  I had made Michael promise not to drive up and down to the hospital, and an outbreak of norovirus in the main hospital helped make sure he didn’t as they closed visiting hours to one hour per evening.  This meant that I saw Michael on the Wednesday after surgery, the three of them on Friday and just Michael on the Saturday evening.  Yes, company is always lovely in a hospital, but it really is awkward for all involved and I knew I just needed to rest.  Hazel kept me entertained by sending a few dozen texts messages during my stay.  I think it was also the first time I was the most exemplary of patients, not once did I suggest I leave early, even though I was feeling fit enough to do so by Friday afternoon.  They let me out bright and early on the Sunday morning.

In this very wet month, the day I went into the hospital and the day I came home were both sunny—a good omen!

Recover has continued to go well.  A slight infection did mean a dose of antibiotics to be on the safe side, but I did feel remarkably well all in all.  The worst part was the three staples holding the belly button together—once they were out I was much more comfortable.  I was even out walking with Michael before I was two weeks post-op.  Mind you it took nearly an hour to go a mile, but I did it!

** Should also add that to entertain ourselves during my recuperation we played loads of board games.  I had even made it a ‘board-game Christmas’ so that they had plenty of new games during our house arrest.  We played Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Chinese Checkers and UNO all for the first time, plus some of our old games.


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