Hazel’s 12th Birthday!

Hazel’s 12th birthday was probably the quietest birthday ever.  Her birthday treat was to be a sleep-over with her best friend, but as both girls have been extremely busy with all of their performances and rehearsals this month we couldn’t get it arranged before her birthday, so we’ve had to put it off till January.  Also, as I was also in full recuperation mode, we didn’t do very much at all for the day. 

I guess then that it was good that we didn’t have to forgo any of our other usual traditions.  She was able to open her gifts first thing and her dad cooked all the meals she requested.  She had American Pancakes for breakfast, home-made fish and chips with mushy peas for lunch and Michael’s Cornish Pasties for dinner.  She also baked her own birthday cake, a Victoria Sponge.

When we were in America I saw a book I had to buy her, it was entitled “12, Finally.” which summed up just how much she has been waiting for this day.   She has gone from wanting to never grow up, to looking forward to the next stage of her life.  I love her optimistic outlook and I hope the rest of her year is filled with joy.

**Almost forgot about Hazel’s birthday outing!  This year it was a surprise and I only told her it was an evening out in Oxford.  We had bought tickets to take them to see the play ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’.  We went on the 11th of December, so this year she didn’t have to wait for an outing.  We weren’t overly thrilled with the first half of the play, but truly enjoyed the second half.

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