November to December 2012-The End of a Busy Year

I didn’t take many photos in November 2012.  It’s not that we weren’t busy—we were.  Kieran had 3 gigs alone.  But they were all in dark venues and I’m still rubbish at taking the indoor dark photos.  Plus, it is nice just to watch him on stage without trying to get that ‘perfect’ photo. 

Piano, Badminton, Rangers, Flute and Guitar lessons were all still in full flow.  Hazel added music theory in the summer time & is trying to learn all 5 years of theory in one year.  I’m sure she’ll manage.  She can’t take her grade 7 flute exam until she takes her theory exam.  We aren’t fussed about the exams—but Hazel wants them.  She’s still considering doing something musically when she’s older so wants the ‘proof’ to back her up.

We also continued going to the astronomy meetings twice a month & to the Rutherford lecture every month.  I continued seeing the doctors and was put on the minor op waiting list, again.  Feels like a never ending story of late—but as it could always be worse, no sense complaining.

In November the kids had to do their first PowerPoint presentation.  It was also a learning experience for me as I had never made one either.  It was for their Rangers group & had to be about anything in nature that they chose.  Hazel loves birds so decided to do a display on the birds that have visited our garden & Kieran choose to do the ‘mini-beasts’ in our garden.  We used whatever photos we had, then they took some more in the garden.  Hazel got some great photos of blue tits in flight.  They were really excited about creating the presentations & were so proud of their photos.

In December the kids had a very private ‘Piano’ recital.  The grandparents were coming down for a day, so we invited our 3 favourite neighbours over for a recital & small Christmas gathering.  The neighbours have been so great with the kids and have attended as many of their activities that they can & never complain about all the music coming through the walls.  They are the kids adoptive grandparents—which is gracious of them as they have a large family—about 50 in total just including their children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren.  They are very involved in all of their children’s lives & they have a few of them visit every single day. 

December is the kids Birthday month—Hazel was 11 and Kieran was 10.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown in the past year.  They are still such lovely children and we know we are so lucky to have such happy & pleasant children.  Hazel made the birthday ‘cakes’.  Kieran wanted a trifle & though he wanted to bake her a cake, but she said she’d like to make her own so he conceded.  I think we all enjoyed the treats.

Christmas was pleasant, the kids got their first ‘big’ gift, they each got a camera.  After we had a relaxing morning we headed north to go to his parents for dinner.  We hadn’t been there during the Christmas holidays, so thought it was time for a visit.  We spent Boxing Day at his brothers.  Kudos to my sister-in-law, she hosted all of her family for the week & then had all of us over on Boxing Day.  I wouldn’t have been sane at the end of that week.  It was a nice way to end the year.

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