October 2012- Return to Bucklebury

A year ago Kieran and his band played at the Bucklebury Beer Festival. A video that Michael took went viral, hence we’ve had a very busy year with the band performing at many small and large festivals. But what struck me most when we were there again this year, was just how much the children have all changed in one year.

The month was filled with medical appointments and 3 minor ops for me. It was the first time I went to the hospitals new day unit—the staff were great and limited wait times and speedy discharges. There is usually at least one other foreigner in the room with me—but for the one procedure, not even the doctor was British: a very international operating room with people from four continents. At least there is always something to chat about.

While I was recuperating Michael took some time off and took the kids to Legoland for a last visit before it was closed for the winter. The kids really enjoyed it this year & Kieran is more than ready to try the bigger theme parks in 2013—though he may have to improve his persuasion skills to get Hazel to go on some of the bigger rides with him. She so far has been braver than I ever was, so there may be hope for her.

Halloween was fun—it’s getting better around here every year. We finally found a neighbourhood that does trick-or-treating, but Hazel didn’t want to dress up. The teenager is starting to emerge. But Kieran wasn’t letting anything stop him & he had a great time. Hazel even got a few sweets just for coming along which may have impressed on her that maybe next year she’ll give it a real go.

Hazel has continued to be a little baker. But her first attempt at cupcakes resulted in her first major baking disaster. A real shocker as she makes the best cakes. We have no idea what went wrong, but they came out like mushrooms and even tasted awful. 

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