July 2012- Made it to the Beach!

After a busy couple of days of performances, the band had a small party at the lead singers’ home, a nice way to start the month.  The first week was mostly the usual activities for the kids.

The 7th of July was a busy day.  Hazel had her first performance with the senior choir at a local fete, and Kieran had a gig that afternoon.  Kieran’s teacher took him to the gig so Michael and I could see Hazel.  She looked so professional with the group; I’ll never know where she gets her poise!  Right after her performance the three of us drove the hour north to see Kieran and the band.

The band’s performance was in a place called Hook Norton.  The kids literally had a stage that overlooked a dump—not the best locations.  It was also our first festival that was covered completely in mud, and the rain appeared more than once during the afternoon.  Considering how wet the summer was—we got off lightly.  (While compiling the last few blog updates-I’m surprised at how many sunny days we had.)

On the 11th of July we were lucky to have the Olympic Torch relay go past our main road.  The kids and I walked over and they were very happy to see the torch.  They were a bit puzzled by all the cola ads and the people giving cola to kids-not a very healthy drink.  I just managed to get the photo of the torch- our torch bearer was definitely not jogging.

For a few months the kids had been asking to get leads for the rabbits.  I was a bit reluctant, but finally conceded.  They have really enjoyed using them in the garden with the rabbits.  It’s absolutely hysterical to watch, as the tiny rabbits make the kids run every which way to keep hold of them.

Kieran’s band made it through the Live and Unsigned competition and were able to play at the O2 Arena this month.  The date clashed with Hazel’s summer flute concert that evening, so she and I couldn’t make it to the arena.  The kids did well, but didn’t win.  Which in a way was nice for us as a family, as it meant Michael and Kieran made it home just in time to come to Hazel’s performance.  She was as thrilled that they were there as they were to be there.

The weekend of the 21st was a gorgeous weekend.  We drove up to Liverpool to go to Michael’s brother’s house for his and his eldest daughters’ birthdays.  We had a great time and the kids enjoyed seeing their cousins and meeting the newest member of the family, baby Steven.  Kieran was mighty relieved they had a son, as he was worried about being the only male to carry on the family name.  We had decided not to spend the night as we felt we needed a day at home, as all of the weekends till then had been fairly busy.

The Sunday was great.  The sun shone, Michael put together his new charcoal grill and the kids played in the sprinkler.  Just one of the few perfect summer days.

We managed to have a visit that month with my cousin and her girls-something we don’t do as often as we’d like.  We live about 45 minutes away from each other and with school and all of the kids’ activities it’s hard to fit in visits. 

I’d been busy over the past month meeting many new consultants and having all sorts of fun appointments to add to my medical history. (Nothing sinister, thankfully.) On the 24th I had yet another appointment, but when it was over we decided that since it was a sunny day we’d all head to the beach.  Michael took the afternoon off and we left about 2pm.  We were rewarded for our decision-it was warm, sunny and easy to find parking.  Perfect! 

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