June 2012 A Very Busy Month

June, though we had some gorgeous days, was the start to the end of our drought.  The rains started in earnest in May and have kept up on and off this month.  We were very lucky-and none of our activities were called off due to rain, and we even made it to the coast.  But the one event that was usually rained off was Hazel’s cricket sessions.  Almost every Monday started and ended in a deluge of rain.  Not worth giving up her dancing for, but she also decided she didn’t like cricket all that much either.

The month started off with Michael taking a day off on the 1st and he and the kids went to Legoland where they got a year’s membership.  It took Hazel a few try’s before she’d go on some of the bigger rides, but she did manage some.  I loved the text on the 1st visit: ‘Went on the log flume-NEVER AGAIN!!’  As they say, one should never say never, as she went back on it and did enjoy it.

We had a few astronomy meetings and a talk at the Rutherford Labs.  We brought the kids to their first Shakespeare performance, Shakespeare in the Park at Blenheim Palace.  They both enjoyed it and were asked to dance with the cast for the wedding scene.

Kieran’s band dominated the weekends, with performances in Reading, Cold Ash, Newbury & to end the month—their first major festival: Blissfields Festival.  Kieran proved he was a true performer for the last two gigs of the month-he was stung by a mosquito on his calf and had a horrid allergic reaction.  His leg was so swollen, but he did his performances on the 29th in Newbury & the gig at Blissfields on the 30th.  It was quite painful, but nothing could stop him from going.

Our two big outings were to the Devils Quoits Stone Circle in Oxfordshire.  We had heard about it a couple of years prior, but hadn’t made it there until now.  The funny bit was Mr. Sat-Nav Michael couldn’t find it, even though we had stopped in the parking lot twice to check the map!!  The circle is lovely even though it is right next to a dump.  I didn’t post photos of the dump.

The next outing was on Father’s Day  to Lulworth Cove, and we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.  We managed to clamber over to one of the caves, and then down to one of the sandy beaches on the other side. I never enjoy the walk back up hill-but it’s always worth the trip. 

Hazel continued with the Senior Flute choir and was eagerly awaiting her first performance with them that was coming up in July.  The funniest thing happened in the middle of the month.  Hazel thought one of her new teeth was loose.  We were both convinced the molar that was loose was her adult molar—we had lost track of which teeth she had lost.  Luckily enough the dentist set us right. Though it was a tad embarrassing that I had no idea which teeth she had lost.

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