April to May 2012

April and May were mostly ‘usual’ months.  The kids continued with their music lessons, badminton, young rangers groups, band and choir.  Hazel added cricket back into her schedule.  They had changed the meets to the same day as Irish, and Hazel chose not to go back to Irish & continue with cricket—a choice that I still can’t believe she made!  Hazel had a county level badminton tournament.  Their rewards at these events always surprise me, she came in 2nd for girls in singles and doubles, but they only give out to first place winners.  We have also continued with our local astronomy club and have enjoyed that immensely.

Musically:  Hazel passed her Grade 5 flute exam with Merit, so another proud moment for her.  Kieran did Rock school and the band were getting ready to participate in the national Live and Unsigned competition.  The 1st competition was in March & they got through to the 2nd round in April—which they also made it through.

May is always a ‘musical’ month for us as the town hosts a music festival.  The kids and I go to as many of the lunch time performances as we can, this time we managed to get to 5 of those and also had tickets for the Blazin’ Fiddles. It was the second time we saw this group, and they didn’t fail to impress us once again.   I don’t take photo’s at these events anymore—so photos are a bit slim for these 2 months.

We did spend much of the months of March and  April gardening-but as the rains started a few weeks later, it was to no avail!

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