January to March 2012-Surgery Dominates the Winter

January was a fairly quite month.  We had to stop Irish dancing as we knew I was going to have a major surgery and wouldn’t be able to drive for over 6 weeks and Michael couldn’t have taken off every one of those afternoons   Was supposed to be a temporary measure, but Hazel had decided not to go back.  We all still miss her dancing, but she can always go back if she wants.

Surgery to deal with my endometriosis was near the end of the month, and it was a tad more intensive than expected and took almost 4 hours on the operating table.  Needless to say, my hatred of UK hospitals had me geared up & I was home in 48 hours from the start of surgery.  That topped my 50 hours to get home after my first C-section.  Not bad, considering I’d aged greatly in between.  Recovery was slower than the C-sections, but nothing untoward happened, so no complaints.

Needless to say, there are very few photos from January.  We had some snow in the beginning of February that the kids and Michael enjoyed.  They did also manage a Star-gazing live event.

My first major outing was on the 19th of February—all the way to Birmingham to watch Kieran and the band on Britain’s Got Talent.  The band was invited to come, we didn’t apply to come.  We always knew Simon would say no to a rock band of kids—but were all slightly incensed by his accusations that the kids were forced to play that kind of music.  The kids had written the song they performed, and honestly, we can’t get them to stop playing.  But it was an experience to remember—with many positives.  Not that Kieran knew who Ant & Dec where, but he met them and enjoyed performing to over a thousand people.

I recouped for a week before we headed out again—this time to Hampton Court.  Hazel & I had been looking forward to this for months and months.  We all really enjoyed it, and would definitely go again.

It was starting to be a gorgeous spring and we managed a few walks, and a glorious day at Avebury.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of walking around there.

The kids had their first badminton tournament.  Kieran managed to make it through, but just did.  Hazel came in third for the girls singles, but won for doubles with her partner.  They won even though they lost every single game!  They were the only girls who entered the doubles tournament so won by default.  But still, they did have to work for it.  They had to play all the boys doubles teams—and lost spectacularly to them all!  So the trophy at the end let them laugh and enjoy the experience!

The only major change was Hazel joined the Senior Flute choir in march—what a proud moment that was for her!

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