July & August 2011- Busy Summer

The kids have gradually been getting stronger as the summer progressed. Kieran’s band was such a hit at their first show, that they were offered a few opportunities that summer. They had about 6 other gigs that summer alone. And the madness hasn’t ended!

Hazel worked so hard at getting her flute levels up, not easy with pneumonia. She still wanted to take her flute exam in July, and did brilliantly. She passed Grade 3 with distinction, and she’s only been playing for under two years.

The kids had an Irish dancing feis and both did so well considering how poorly they had both been. I don’t think Kieran had six lessons all year, but still did well. I actually asked the judge about it, and she said she’d never seen such a ‘musical, well timed dancer’. She blew-up my theory that he should practice more.

I was having surgery on the 1st of August and so we enrolled both kids in rock school that week, Hazel sang with Kieran’s band for the week. We felt it was a much needed distraction for them both. (The surgery was either going to be minor or major—so we had to play it by ear. It ended up being a minor, but that was because when they were inside they decided it was going to be more major than they had thought-so I needed to be rescheduled as they needed more time.)

My mom called near the end of July and said she really needed to get away, so we arranged for her to come here at the end of the 1st week of August. She was upset about my step-father’s death & she was nervous about me as I was having surgery on the 1st, so she needed distractions. It was hard to see her that first day. His death aged her tremendously in the month, and she had hurt her back a few weeks before she arrived. But still, it was wonderful for us all to be able to spend some time with her. I was so happy my surgery had been minor, because I was able to do things with my mom. Living so far from everyone isn’t always easy, so we just made sure we enjoyed her while she was here. We visited a few National Trusts, many museums (she loves them!), my aunt took my mom to Paris for a weekend and the three weeks shot by in a moment. Saying goodbye gets harder and harder.

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Face book updates:

Went to a dinner at our local astronomy club, and we had the privilege of sitting with Dr Allan Chapman and his wife, he followed the kids to the table to sit with them.    1 July at 22:40

We just got back from the best birthday party ever! Thanks Mikaela Wild for letting the The Mini Band perform at your party. And what a brilliant idea to have the Tin Soldiers come and do a full set!! Too cool!    8 July at 22:56

Hazel’s second summer Flute Choir concert!  9 July at 17:57

July 2011 Irish Dancing Class Feis, the kids did rather well!  Hazel looked as beautiful and as composed as always! Kieran has only gone to 5 classes this year-so the 1st thing he said to me was ‘I proved you wrong mom, I was right, I don’t need to practice!’. Yeah–thanks judge!

I’m going to lose my reputation for being quick to post photos for the Mini Band! The kids played Saturday morning in town, with their new bass player Archie, and a guest appearance from Ben who comes to Newbury Rock School

Ok: The Mini Band performed Friday night, then performed Saturday morning (like the pro’s they are!), then Hazel had a wonderful flute choir concert, and then my kids danced their hearts out today. And amazingly, the camera and the video recorder haven’t broken down!   10 July at 19:01

Hazel had her cricket debut last night!   16 July at 13:18

Kieran’s brilliant thought of the day: “Mom, you know in movies like Star Wars when the spaceships blow up–they (movie makers) shouldn’t make any sounds. Because in space there is no air and you need air to hear sounds. Don’t people know that?”  16 July at 23:11

Two chest x-ray’s taken this morning–so cross all your fingers that we get clear results this time. I have become such a nervous ninny over every cough my children emit–I need to know their chests are fine.    18 July at 11:32

Hazel’s x-ray is clear!! 🙂 Kieran’s is not. 😦 But it has shown a slight improvement.  19 July at 13:56

Kids accidentally called me on their phone (they are walking to Nature group) and when I got no response & it hung up–talk about a few minutes of panic!   19 July at 16:02

I’ve held a wild animal today! A baby starling with an injured wing/leg has been in the garden for a day and we’ve finally got him, luckily enough before the nasty local cat ate him! My neighbour lent me his net and talked me through what to do and he thinks our little guest will be fine in a few days! 21 July at 09:44  (Sadly he died.)

I still almost can’t believe it’s about to happen-but I’m going to see my mom in the morning for the 1st time in over 3 years! And the only thing I keep thinking about is that I’m going to have to say good-bye again in a few weeks.  4 August at 22:36

Getting ready to go watch my daughter sing along with The Mini Band while they sing such lovely little ditties like: ‘I’m a Teenage Dirtbag’ and ‘Paranoid’!    5 August at 14:10

Congratulations to Hazel Fell for getting a Distinction for her grade 3 Flute exam!!!!!  12 August

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4 Responses to July & August 2011- Busy Summer

  1. oldmanorborn says:

    Lots of good stuff and enjoyable reading but you did have a lot of tough stuff too. Hope it’s not too upsetting going over it all again.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Honestly, there were moments over the past couple of years when I could have just screamed at the world, but overall, I know how lucky we are and that hopefully this is just a ‘blip’ in our lives. I have dealt with the NHS far too often for myself and for the kids to hold it in any great esteem. The system, I stress the word system, is what annoys me to no end. Living with the NHS as your only hope scares the daylights out of me.

      • oldmanorborn says:

        Yes. Hospital prescribed my dad a number of drugs last months. Two of which were contra-indicated for his problems. He had been sent home to await surgery but was getting worse and worse. His wife checked what he was taking and stopped two of them immediately and told him what he needed his gp to prescribe. He is lucky she works at royal free and uch so knows a lot and can talk directly to consultants. She despairs of the nhs too :-(.

  2. oldmanorborn says:

    Hello! Hoping you’re ok …

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