May 2010 to December 2010

The last time I blogged properly, May of 2010, was an update post on the month of April 2010.   I had started to use FB fairly exclusively during that time, therefore, I thought the best way to get the blog up-to-date was to do a few ‘Slideshow Posts’ and to add in ‘memorable’ FB posts to the blog.  This is obviously for our own record, but have a look if you’d like.

The most important non-photographed event was the death on the 1st of August of Michael’s grandmother.  We all really loved her & the children were so lucky to have gotten to know the love of a great-grandmother.  Hazel wanted to do a special tribute, so asked if she could play her flute at the funeral.  I have no idea where she got the strength to stand in front of a congregation of mourners and play ‘Amazing Grace’, but she did, she did it brilliantly & left me as amazed as always that she is my daughter.

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FB posts from May 2010-December 2010:

Michael & Kieran took their fossil finds to a fossil expert today. All Michael’s ‘wondrous’ finds turned out to be just stones! Poor guy! The kids came up with the real goods! (Ok-Michael did find some coral & a possible snail shell!)   13 March 2010

The kids have made a swimming pool in the play room. Now all the Play Mobil people are at the ‘local pool’ having a swim! They keep topping it up with warm water–can tell they’re British kids-they only know indoor pools!   19 March 2010

Spent all the night awake with a very poorly boy. Yet, it was quite enjoyable! We watched the moon-he’s never seen it look yellow or noticed how it moves through the night, and we enjoyed the dawn chorus–the first one he’s been awake for. Just hope he feels better soon!  30 April 2010

Poor Kieran is still rather unwell. But I don’t know what’s worse-his sister constantly asking him how he is, or when she runs from the room the second he starts to get ill! She’s very compassionate, from a distance! (Very much my girl!)   2 May 2010

has just walked into the house from a concert-we immediately checked the news & watched David Cameron’s speech–Kieran said “I just can’t believe my eyes–finally!!” As if he’s been waiting his whole lifetime for this!   11 May 2010

has have been deliberating how to get out of sending Hazel to Brownie Camp in June without upsetting her—and today the answer landed in my inbox-there will be an Irish feis that weekend—she immediately said she’d prefer that over anything! Yeah!!  12 may 2010

had a great time at Snow White on Ice with the kids today. Not bad for two kids who have never read a fairy tale! (Due to a natural abhorrence of anyone acting slightly mean!)  13 May 2010

and to top off my night-I just finished one of the worst books ever! I had to keep leafing through it to see if there was any hope of a decent bit of story! I don’t recommend ‘A Place Called Here’ by C. Ahern. Awful!  14 May 2010

just finished watching Julie and Julia–made me miss Michael even more! Had no idea it was going to have such a wonderful love story throughout the movie!  18 May 2010

the kids are standing outside waiting for their dad to arrive home after 2 weeks away. I love watching the limo drivers faces when my two start jumping and screaming hello! It’s one of the few occasions when my kids act like complete loons! 20 May 2010

is very proud of Hazel-she had to have a large splinter removed from under her thumb fingernail–not a whimper! She did squeeze her small Brownie Teddy Bear that was on her jacket though!  27 May 2010

Kieran’s take on the use of school: “You don’t need to go to school to learn, you can just learn ‘wildly’. You know-ask questions, read books and explore.” A new take on autonomous education!  29 May 2010

and the kids made a Banoffee Pie today!! Delicious! We had it for dinner–we’ll have something sensible for dessert! 🙂 Who knew it was so easy to make!  1 June 2010

has finally just spotted the hedgehog in our garden!!! Kids are thrilled!!!   1 June 2010

is laughing at Michael–he took Kieran to his guitar lesson this morning–and Michael is still wearing the ‘overly-proud-dad-grin’!!  2 June 2010

This week we’ve seen the hedgehog twice, a frog or toad (I admit-I have no idea which!) 2 woodpeckers, baby spiders hatching, parent sparrows feeding their young, and yesterday we counted about 14 bees within 10 minutes!! The only yucky find was a tick on Kieran this morning.    3 June 2010

This jam making malarkey is sooo much fun, and really easy!! 3 pots of Strawberry jam done while kids watched Spring Watch.  8 June 2010

is laughing at Kieran! He’s been keeping snails in a plastic box-and he opened it and nearly keeled over with the smell!! Next time he’ll give them more air! (Note: they were all alive-just rather smelly!)  15 June 2010

I told Kieran his YouTube video had 147 views. He says “COOL!!!!”, “What are views”? Gotta love him!  24 June 2010

Just got back from an amazing fiddle show with the kids, and went to see the mighty Jammin’ Dodgers perform this afternoon–both more than made up for the dismal game in-between!   27 June 2010

asked the kids what they liked best about their night out to watch/help out at Michaels skittles game (till 10:30pm): they both said the ‘ice cubes & lemon in our water’!!! How sad–they were excited by ice cubes!!  1 July 2010

‎10yr old cousin declares: I can make scrambled eggs.

8yr old Hazel says: I can make mushroom risotto.

Would have been one of those great ‘top that’ moments if: a.)Hazel really thought risotto was a ‘fancy’ meal–it’s just an every-day-dish here. and b.) If only 10 yr old cousin knew what risotto was!!   4 July 2010

was blown away at Hazel’s 1st flute choir performance tonight. Her teacher totally surprised us all by having her stand so he could introduce her to the audience as a ‘star in the making, she’s just phenomenal!’ But I as always was just more impressed by her composure, grace, ability to perform to an audience, and mostly her skill & dedication to all she does. My phenomenal girl!!  17 July 2010

After last nights fun, we were out for a full day of an Irish Dance Feis-having more fun! Kids did great today: Kieran won two 1st places and two 2nd places!! Hazel also won two 1st places, one 3rd place and two 4th places!!!   18 July 2010

Kieran has been attending a real Rock school this week–today’s big announcement when he was done: ‘I got to sing, into a MICROPHONE!!!’ Who knew a microphone could be that thrilling! He said he sang so much he thought his ‘cheeks were going to explode!’  3 Aug 10

is enjoying listening to the kids playing upstairs!! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a rainy day for them to be inside playing all morning! I love listening to their imaginary games! 10 Aug 2010

is becoming slightly addicted to making jam! We now have more plum jam than we’ll know what to do with! The kids are in 2nd heaven! And I need more jam jars! 🙂   10 August

the addiction continues. Today it’s Greengage jam, last night was courgette chutney! When will the preserving madness abate?!!   15 August 2010

Kieran’s two top front teeth came out on Friday–he wiggled them both out! It was rather funny–and rather sad! The last major fun milestone of babyhood–losing your front teeth has come and gone! 😦      15 August 2010

has the most phenomenal daughter! She pulled out all the stops, overcame her sadness, and played ‘Amazing Grace’ on the flute at her Great-grandmothers funeral yesterday. Where she got the inner strength to do that, I’ll never know. A moment never to be forgotten. 18 August 2010

Kieran said: ‘I want to go to University to learn about countries.’ I said: ‘So, you want to study geography.’ Kieran says: ‘What’s geography?’ I think we have something we need to work on! 🙂     19 August 2010

spotted a Jay in the back garden–the 1st Jay I’ve spotted here. A lovely bird, but not as pretty as an American Blue Jay. I do miss Cardinals & Blue Jays! Made me a tad homesick. 21 August 2010

‎three Greengage Chutney jars have all just popped–so hopefully they’ll be ok!  21 August

is hoping the plum cake she and Hazel are baking comes out perfectly. It’s our third attempt at getting it right. Don’t worry–they all ate the 1st two attempts!  23 August

we all went to the shop–we are going to make our 1st trifle so needed jelly/gelatine. We walk into the shop and Hazel very seriously asks: ‘What part of the shop would they sell jelly in?’ Can you tell we’ve never bought that before?   28 August 2010

oh no!!! Kieran has started on the Halloween music!!!! 51 days of ‘Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, all the witches say….’ and the Ghostbusters song!!!! 20 September 2010

We are going to have a mini-orchard!! Just ordered 3 mini cherry trees! We’re planting them in honour of Michael’s Nan who passed away this past summer. She loved cherries, which is probably where he inherited his love of cherry’s from! (I also got a new blueberry plant & one each of black, red & white currants!)  21 September 2010

thinks today was one of those lovely, perfect days!! Sunshine, Michael was home, we picked elderberries and made jam & cordial, they made an insect box, Hazel & I baked Bara Brith–we even had a great lunch outdoors in the sunshine! Long live Autumn!!! 22 September 2010

went foraging in the neighbours gardens today. Took over 2lbs of grapes from one neighbour, and at least 40 pounds of apples from another neighbour! 1st ever lot of grape jelly has been made-Hazel can’t wait to try that! And 18 pounds of apples have been stewed. Busy day!   26 September 2010

is so amazed we’ve made it to October 1st without putting the heating on. (We’ve been known to have it on mid-summer.) We’re going to keep it off till one of us cracks and can’t take it anymore!!    1 October 2010

is cooking her first (and only) homegrown sweet potato!!    5 October 2010

even though we had clouds and wind instead of the promised sunshine, we had two great walks today–1st was at Caen Hill locks–kids had lots of fun helping to open a few locks for one boat. Then we went to Avebury–which I love when it’s windy!  9 October 2010

just had a bouquet of flowers delivered (lovely surprise!) from my husband. What does Hazel do–she corrects the note that was with it–the florist forgot a comma!  12 Oct 10

is wondering how many other children have built rescue capsules attached to cranes today? Kieran is riveted to the Chilean miners rescue operation, as I’m sure most of the world is!     13 October 2010

I LOVE how much Kieran loves research! They’re talking about the Black death on a TV show–and he runs to get the history book he has on it–and is checking facts! So like his daddy!     25 October 2010

is wondering when Hazel is going to realize that her wish has almost come through. She said on Sunday she could eat pasta every night. Tonight is the 4th night in a row, and it hasn’t twigged with her yet!  28 October 2010

has just put our mincemeat in the jars! I love home-made mince pies!    5 November 2010

took the kids to our favourite museum today, and was made to feel really old when Hazel asked–‘Mom, weren’t you born in the 1900’s?’ It just sounded like so long ago!   10 Nov

has been home all day with 2 children–I have seen them for less than 2 hours today! They are in the playroom-otherwise called Play Mobil world and have come out for food and to watch Autumnwatch on Iplayer!   11 November 2010

Today I have seen the kids almost all day! We all, yes even Kieran, worked on cross stitch kits. Kieran finished his 1st ever & weaved a chain in between, while Hazel has started her 2nd cross stitch kit, a real tiny Robin for a Christmas card!   12 November 2010

just showed the kids photos of some rabbits someone wants to re-home just because I thought they were cute photos, and was rather surprised by how much they wanted one!    13 November 2010

today’s main achievement was Michael’s-he dug a new bed for all our new currant plants! We planted one of each variety, and I also put in about 15 strawberry plants Hazel and I grew from runners! Fruit Heaven next summer!   13 November 2010

was treated to a whole selection of Christmas carols in bed this morning, and then again this afternoon! The kids really do get into the festivities!   14 November 2010

the kids have written out all their Christmas cards! They were super organized today, last year it would have taken a week!  15 November 2010

was really impressed by the kids 1st attempt at wall/rock climbing! I think Michael was really impressed I let them do it–and I didn’t have a heart attack when I saw them at the top of the wall!    19 November 2010

is wondering how long I’ll be able to keep Michael away from our 1st home-made Christmas pudding?   21 November 2010

Hazel says: I love you Mommy with 1/2 my heart! Me: Only 1/2? H: Daddy has the other 1/2! Me: What about Kieran? H: Oh, he’s squashed right there in the middle!!    24 Nov

had 2 hrs alone in town to get the kids some gifts for their upcoming birthdays–yet found nothing I liked for them. But actually spent money on myself! Lovely new earrings and matching pendant! Can’t remember the last time I got anything!  26 November 2010

we have just brought home two of the most gorgeous bunnies in the world!!! Needless to say, Hazel & Kieran are beyond thrilled with their 1st pets!   27 November 2010

is beginning to think Michael & I are going to turn into those horrible obnoxious pet owners. You know the kind-buying all sorts of stuff & cooing over them all the time! Just hope I get enough nerve to pick one up!   27 November 2010

the kids are cleaning up their wellies to put out for St. Nicholas!    5 December 2010

we just divided up a whole tin of Quality Street for the kids wellies!! They love St. Nicholas!    5 December 2010

took the rabbits to the vets for 1st injections. Hazel exclaims in shock: ‘Mommy, you’re holding the rabbits without gloves!’ Not sure if the vet was amused or worried!    7 Dec

Chocolate & marshmallow treats done, Nut/Dairy/Gluten/Egg free chocolate Christmas lollipops are done, and Mince pies are almost done! House smells divine!  14 December

Kids both got their level 1 Certificate in Rock climbing today! (Technically Kieran passed last week, but didn’t get the certificate till today.)   17 December 2010

The few shops we ventured to were relatively empty, Yeah! Bought the kids their new bikes, so they are over the moon with excitement!   27 December 2010

Now has two rather large kids bikes in my kitchen! I can’t believe they are ready for something this large!    29 December 2010

Kieran just finished another awesome week at Newbury Rock School  30 December 2010

Hazel’s just finished making mushroom, chicken & pea risotto with a tad of help from her dad!   30 December 2010

Has a very happy daughter! The full set of Anne of Green Gables I ordered for her New Year gift arrived today. She will be busy devouring the 6 novels she hasn’t read yet from the series!   31 December 2010

I have had the most amazing decade, ten wonderful years of happiness! I can’t wait to see what the next one brings! Happy New Years Everyone!!   31 December 2010

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