Two and a half years!

This post was actually first written in November 2012, and updated today May 10, 2013.  The blog had been neglected since the end of June 2010, and I have decided to revive it!  I miss recording the kids activities and I love to look back on the blog and I already know the kids value it.  I wrote a few of the catch up posts in Nov of 2012 and have this month (May 2013) decided to write all of 2012 posts and to add 2013 as well.  Then hopefully I’ll resume normal blogging.  I think these two photos show why it’s such a great record for the kids.

In 2 1/2 years the kids have gone from this in July 2010:

To this in October 2012:

I’ll be back with an update soon!

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4 Responses to Two and a half years!

  1. oldmanorborn says:

    Oh my! K has grown. I wouldn’t have recognised him. Does he still play guitar? He has the look of a guitarist! H however, is very recognisable. Thank you :-).

  2. hharicot says:

    hooray 🙂 you have blogged again 🙂

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