March Photo Catch up Number 2

18th of March: Brownies learn to Jig

Hazel decided a while back that she wanted to earn her dancing badge for Brownies. (This was part and parcel of doing more activities other than reading!) She decided not to just to perform-but took over the whole session. She performed three dances on her own, taught all the girls a few steps, brought colouring in sheets for everyone and then played a few dancing games to play with the steps she taught the girls. Michael went with her for the evening to play Mr. DJ. I think he really enjoyed doing this with Hazel.



20th of March: Rocking with the Crave

As I mentioned earlier, Kieran has started guitar lessons. I think I’ve found the best teacher ever for Kieran-and Kieran is loving it! Leo, the teacher, is probably one of the most enthusiastic teachers I’ve ever met. He just teaches all his students the chords in any way that makes sense for the student, to whatever music the students like. We’ve seen the results-he has a 6 year old student who won a national competition and a young group of 12yr oldish kids playing in a band-and hats off to them, they’re good!
Anyway-the young teen band were playing in a venue in town with an up & coming rock band called the Crave. We went. Yes, my two were in a bar till after midnight listening to both bands. Kieran was in second heaven, though Hazel would have enjoyed it better with ear plugs. The kids managed to stay near the front while the young band was playing-but half way through they wanted to be away from the noise a bit. We found some seats near the back-where the Crave were hanging out. That’s when Kieran met the Crave. He had fun, and they really were all really good with him, and did spend time chatting with him as well. When the Crave played their set, we decided to go outside to the smoking area. This had two main advantages-the kids had front row seats, and the noise was considerable less! Have to say-we all enjoyed our 1st rock concert together!







His 1st concert t-shirt! And the 1st time he’s gotten in past midnight from a bar!


23rd of March: Can you spot something new?




Most notable, non-photographed, events of the month to this point have been: We went to a lecture on the Galapagos Islands, which both kids enjoyed. We met up with two other HE families there so all the kids sat together. I was pleased to see that one of them wriggles about, while listening and not making any noise, as much as Kieran! 😉

The other big event I don’t have any photos for is a show we saw. We went to see Essence of Ireland on the 31st. It was a show of many parts-it had some Irish dancing, some more modern dancing, Irish music from all eras and from all over the world, great music-and a real sing-a-long atmosphere that we all joined in with. It’s not Riverdance, it’s not the best variety show of all time-but it was a really enjoyable, fun packed evening! And that just about sums up March!

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