March Photo Catch-up Number 1

Some of you may have noticed, but this blog has been seriously neglected of late. I can’t believe it has been at least 6 weeks since a post-and even that was just photos. It’d be near on impossible to recount everything, and I have hardly had the camera out and about with me. But I will try and recount as much as I can.

5th of March: Intech Science Centre

The kids and I went to a lecture and a show on Aliens in Space in the planetarium. (It was also the day I had my braces put on my upper teeth.) We didn’t know many people there, but someone from our local area showed up, and so we had a nice chat while the kids roamed round, then the 6 of us hurried to catch an extra show at the planetarium. Have to admit-the shows made me very nauseous. I don’t do that kind of motion well.

The kids always like building this bridge of blocks. I think I just love the 1st photo-I hadn’t noticed how tall my boy has gotten.



11th of March: HE Group

Today the kids were introduced to felt making. Hazel gave it a go, but Kieran was unusually moody and decided not to participate. Later when I asked what he was upset about he said it was because too many people wanted to felt and no one was going out to play!



13th of March: Fossil Day-no photos!

Just wanted a small record of this event! Michael took Kieran into Oxford for a Fossil Find Day while Hazel was at embroidery. The object is to bring the fossils you have found to the event, and an expert will tell you what you have. My men folk eagerly rounded up their treasures and headed off. And the result was-all of Kieran’s were genuine finds, and Michael basically struck out! So from now on, all fossil questions shall be addressed to Kieran!

16th of March: Walk at our local Lake

We do still love going to our local lake. We generally notice something different each time-but generally something small. What we found today was rather surprising-we found a whole walk we had never noticed before. Mind you, it is not in the normal lake area- but leads from the lake down a path along our canal, but not next to the canal. We’ve only ever known the canal one! We’ll be doing this walk again-very peaceful and gorgeous. We have a zillion lakes near us, a canal and a small river-and one of these days I’m hoping to spot a Kingfisher!

DSC 0007

DSC 0037

DSC 0052

DSC 0063

My kids have loved this duck since they were babies, and yes, they do believe it’s been the same duck forever. Say hello to our Jemima.

DSC 0084

DSC 0090

DSC 0092

I know there are a lot of photos on the zip wire-but two things I wanted to share. Firstly-Kieran decided today to stand on it for the 1st time. Hazel eventually got up enough nerve to do it just before we left-and she was so impressed with herself!

But what I really love watching is their teamwork. I can hear you now-what teamwork is needed for a zip wire? Well, what they do is this. One gets on the seat, and the other one gives them a push so they can go faster. Then the ‘pusher’ jumps down and runs along side. When they get to the other end, the pusher now becomes the ‘puller’-and pulls the rider back to the platform. And the whole time they do this they are laughing and enjoying themselves! I just am always amazed at how much fun they have with each other!

DSC 0097

DSC 0098

DSC 0107

DSC 0120

DSC 0144

DSC 0146

Most notable, non-photographed, events of the month to this point-Kieran has started Guitar lessons and I have gotten my much needed braces, after about 2 years of chickening out! The brace situation has been quite fun-everyone does a double take, but are all too polite to ask about them!

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