Sketch Tuesday-Something Red

I thought I’d post this today, as they are all done and posted to Barb at Sketch Tuesday. Hazel’s I love-because it’s my lovely red kettle! I bought it last autumn, and I really love it! It cost an absolute fortune-but hey ho-it’s gorgeous! And yes, I love my red sunflower mugs as well!


Kieran and Michael each did a magazine box. Kieran also did a selection of red things in the house. Yes, we have red lamp shades, red blankets, red couches, red chairs, red flowers, and yes he has red Lego’s, red crayons, and a red ladybird box! We had plenty for them to choose from for this week!




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One Response to Sketch Tuesday-Something Red

  1. bridget says:

    I think we ran out of red wax crayon in the end, Clark went overboard this week

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