Book Ban is Working!

As some of you may recall-I had to reduce Hazel’s reading time this past month. One cannot live with a book in their hand at all times of the day. OK-I know many of us like that idea, but 8 hours a day can be a bit excessive.

From the posts below I’m sure you can tell she has been really working on her sketching. She has produced some really nice things of late, even a great airplane drawing she sent to her grand father. So in honour of all her hard work-I thought I’d share some of her work.

She finished her latch hook project!! Now it’s my turn to figure out how to make finish it off and make a cushion out of it. Anyone know how-let me know!


She has also made all of these teddy bears, by herself, for her dolls. She has cut out the felt, sewn on the faces, sewn the bodies together and stuffed them all. Next project is to make them all a tiny scarf. I can make those, but she wants to be shown how to, so that will be her first major crocheting project.



I think you will agree with me, she has been a very productive little girl! And yes–she has managed to read a whole host of books–just none from the library! So I think she is starting to realize she can spend some time on other pursuits, and still manage tons of pleasurable reading! 🙂

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3 Responses to Book Ban is Working!

  1. bridget says:

    I love the latch hook, I use to do them as a child. I’ve seen them quite a bit lately, they must be coming back into fashion. I did a little fireside rug and it took me ages!

  2. Miss Meep says:

    Oh wow, I love those teddies – they are so sweet. Well done, Hazel!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hazel says ‘Thank you!’

    Bridget-Hobby Craft has had loads of latch hooks-they usually go on sale for 1/2 price every few months or so.

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