Sketch Tuesday: Trains

We decided to get back into the swing of things this winter and decided to renew the kids Sketch Tuesday participation. Michael will also be taking a more active roll in this, as my sketching ability is next to nil, and he’s rather good at it. (But the kids and I will be working on it more this year.)

The usual situation occurred-Kieran got an idea and the next thing we knew he was done. His technique may not be improving, but his enthusiasm hasn’t diminished. Still-I think he tried really hard. He decided to try and sketch a photograph of a train leaving a station in 1918. He then decided to do a train as well.



Hazel also did the usual-just threw any old thing down on paper to get it done. (She was annoyed as I asked her to do it while she was reading!)  Then she saw what Michael was doing, and decided to do a ‘proper’ sketch. That may sound harsh as her just ‘throw something down on paper’ is actually quite good-but look at the 1st sketch compared to the second one where she took her time. I think all will agree with me, she has a great talent for this and can produce amazing things, with a bit of care. That’s what’s so hard about Hazel-so much talent, and a mother who wants her to do well, but also doesn’t want to push too hard.



And here’s Michaels:


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4 Responses to Sketch Tuesday: Trains

  1. bridget says:

    We started Sketch Tuesday again with the train drawings. How weird is that? We’ve not done it for months.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Sketch Tuesday sounds like such a great activity to participate in. Your whole family seems to be talented!

  3. Alison says:

    I looked at H’s second picture before reading all the text, and thoguht it was Michael’s! She really is very skilled 🙂

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