First Recorder Workshop

The kids went to their first recorder workshop today. It was only a short one, about 3 ½ hours all together. Kieran was keen to go, but Hazel was less so. But as we were going, they both went! I’ve been trying to get Hazel interested in these for awhile, as I think she should know what it’s like playing with other musicians, and to perform once in awhile. Kieran will give anything a go without much hesitation, Hazel is like her parents and spends too long weighing the pro’s and cons!

I’m glad she went, as she ended up having a fabulous time. We were out on Thursday evening and bumped into one of the Home Ed girls form the Oxford area who was going & once they realized they’d be in the same group, Hazel was definitely more excited. Then when we got there today, one of the boys they used to do the small Home Ed recorder group was also in their group-so all four sat together quite happily. They were excited to have a boy & girl friend there. We also knew two other Home d children there, but they were in separate groups. And they say Home educated kids don’t get out often!

At the end of the workshop was a small concert for the parents, which was nice to see what they could put together in 2 ½ hours! We didn’t take any photo’s there-as I wasn’t sure if we could, but here are the kids before they went, just cause I think they looked cute! I think Hazel was really taken by it all, and was so excited about showing us where they ate their snacks! I think she won’t hesitate next time!



I did notice that she was quite flushed when we got back for the show, and while they were performing. I think Hazel is starting to get nervous about performing, and I don’t know why. I’m hoping it’s a ‘first case jitters’ thing-as it’s happened the last couple of times she’s done something ‘different’. I think she likes to be sure of exactly what she’s doing, so if she hasn’t had a run through, she seems a tad anxious. Let’s hope that’s it. It hasn’t made her not want to do anything-so I guess it’s not all bad!

While the kids were busy, we had 2 1/2 hours to ourselves in the daytime! A true novelty for us. We (I) decided we’d go to Abingdon for a wander. There is an independent bookshop there I wanted to visit, and a shop I just found out sold wool. So off we went. We had a lovely couple of hours strolling round. I did buy a book, and I even managed to get the wool Kieran picked out for the sweater he wants me to make. They have such faith in me! Then we wandered down to a pub for a drink-I so love when they serve tea in piping hot mugs. It means I don’t finish it ages before Michael finishes a drink! It was nice to spend some daytime with Michael, and to stroll around some shops!

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2 Responses to First Recorder Workshop

  1. Shell says:

    Now that’s how to live 🙂
    Going into a bookshop and coming out with only one book is the height of self discipline. 🙂
    I think kids get anxious whatever the situation sometimes. I am sure the more she does things the less it will be-or the better she’ll be with the anxiety. My oldest is 20 and has been doing stuff on stage since I can’t remember and he still gets jittery before a performance. It’s just the way of things.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Shell–The thing is, Hazel has performed on and off for a few years now without giving it a second thought–so I’m just surprised and wondering why it would suddenly happen.

      Leaving the bookshop with one book was ok-as it was only for me and I have about 10 sitting around!! I had ordered a huge stock of books for the kids that weekend, so I broke the bank already!

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