Just Vote: NO

The Tory Party is going to vote: NO

The Lib Dem party is going to vote: NO

I hope our friends and families will all vote: NO

Please sign this petition to protect Home Education here in the UK.  And more importantly—to PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF EVERY FAMILY IN THIS COUNTRY.  We are the parents, not the government.  These rights will be eroded for all families if Clause 26 of the CSF Bill gets passed.

We need everyone’s help to defeat this.  Two of the major political parties see this as madness, we need to convince the Labour party of their own madness.

Everyone can sign—even children.  We need one entry for every family member to get the signature count up to 20,000 by Monday the 11th of January, when the 2nd reading of the bill takes place.

PLEASE sign:


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to:

Uphold that parents have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of their child

To not undermine parents legitimately fulfilling their fundamental duties, and to assume that the best interests of their child is the basic concern of parents unless there is specific evidence to the contrary.

In particular, the government should ensure :

  1. No right of access to the family home without evidence of a crime
  2. No right to interview a child alone without evidence of risk of serious harm
  3. No CRB checks or registration for parents to look after their own children, or to informally look after those of their friends, family etc
  4. No licensing / registration / assessment / monitoring of methods by which parents fulfill their duties without evidence that they are failing to do so, and with specific recognition that education “otherwise” than at school is a perfectly legal option to fulfill their duty regarding education
  5. No undermining of parents as being in the best position to determine how to meet their child’s needs, according to their age, ability, aptitude, and any special needs they may have
  6. Greater focus on applying existing resources and procedures to cases of children known to be at risk, rather than dilution of these resources by routinely monitoring whole sections of the community
  7. Compliance with the fundamental presumption of innocence unless there is specific evidence to the contrary
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