Snow People!

It started snowing late yesterday afternoon. I called Michael right away so he could get home, in case there was a repeat of last months fun drive in the snow. He made it home without any problems. The snow kept stopping and starting during the evening, but kept up a very steady pace from midnight on. I loved watching it. I still love that quietness of a snowfall and how bright the sky can be in the early hours of the morning. Michael and I were up around 3am watching it!

Hazel, at bedtime, was very convinced there was no way there could be school tomorrow. She was so excited about Jenna having a snow day. They really feel bad for kids in school!

So today we awoke to a winter wonderland! I kept the kids in till about 10am, then they went out. They were frozen fairly quickly and came in to dry off and have a quick snack. Jenna made it over about 11:30am, and they set about building snow people. They had fun-but were fairly frozen when they came in.

And no–I didn’t venture out, I don’t like the cold anymore. Must be the old age!! So I baked banana & chocolate chip muffins and made a split pea and ham soup for lunch. Nothing like a warm kitchen on a snowy day.

DSC 0169







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2 Responses to Snow People!

  1. tammy says:

    So much snow! Am very jealous we have only had a smattering.

    • Elizabeth says:

      We were amazed by how much snow–and that it’s still on the ground! The kids don’t have the proper gloves for it-so don’t stay out too long. They went out with a friend today for an hour-and that was all they could cope with!

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