November 8th: Remembrance Day

Hazel’s Brownie troop was asked to join in the Remembrance Day parade in our local town and she decided to join in. It was a bit of a sad moment for me. It truly marked another stage of my two growing up, because the same time last year Hazel and Kieran didn’t know that people could and would kill each other. It has only been in the past year they have come to understand that part of wars. They know people will hurt each other, but I don’t think they yet realize that people will intentionally kill someone just because they are angry with them, or just so that they can steal from them. Their innocence is slowly eroding as they come to realize these lowly parts of society, and I hate watching it slip away. I am glad they are realizing these things as they slowly get more mature, and it hasn’t been foisted on them. I never wanted them to be blasé about violence, so I’m glad they are realizing the seriousness of it all.


We are a fairly anti-violent home-as in neither of us agree to war or violence, but I do feel we must pay our respects to the great men and women who have literally died to save millions of people from oppression. I think it’s easier to understand the wars of the past-as in there was a definite aggressor and a definite victim. Today’s wars are so much greyer-it’s hard to know why we’re fighting, because we don’t know exactly who we’re fighting.

We also decided to go to the church service as well. Hazel’s troop did not participate in the mass, but we went as a family. Luckily enough we found some places to stand on the church’s balcony, as that way the kids could see everything and I could explain parts of what they were seeing, especially as they’d never been to an actual mass before. Hazel’s leader was a bit surprised to see us coming out-as she knows we are not religious.

The other fun bit of the day was when we dropped Hazel off with her troop, we saw our MP. Kieran surprised him by jumping out from behind a wall to say hello. He immediately stopped and talked about the Badman review, and told us he’d joined the APPG and asked me for a current update. So a good morning all round.

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