November 30th: The Month in Review (Short)

Along with all the usuals, we’ve had a few major events. Mostly, previously blogged earlier, was the Parliamentary Petition in Support of Home Ed which we organized for our area. We didn’t gather tons of signatures as we had to hand it in fairly early-but enough for our MP to present, write to Ed balls, and to make a few good quotes on our behalf!

Second major event was my car conking out. She was 11 years old, and was truly past her sell by date. We didn’t have many problems with her, but the wear and tear was starting to show, and too many little jobs needed doing. The last straw was mid-month when the car just started to conk out when ever I slowed down. I got home, parked her in the drive and refused to drive her again. I just didn’t realize how complicated a process it was here to buy a small new Ford! Back home you go to the dealers, pick out a car and basically drive her home within a day. Not here! Anyway-three weeks later we picked up Suzi! She’s a Ford Fiesta Zetec, and named in honour of my best friend’s dog that had to be put down this autumn. (We were looking for a ‘z’ name to go with Zetec.) But I’m glad we replaced the car when we did-we qualified for scrappage (£2000) and for the lower tax rate of 15% rather than 17.5%.

But in the meantime, I was carless. Only because I refuse to drive Michaels car, it’s far bigger than what I’m used to, and the roads here are still too narrow for my liking with a small car-I just didn’t want to drive his. Which meant he was home early a few days to drive the kids to classes. Yes, he’s a good and patient man!

I managed to get out one night for a talk by Patricia Nicol, author of Sucking Eggs, a book about the resourcefulness of the wartime generation. The talk wasn’t the best, but it was her 1st talk. But-it was a night out! Yeah!

The kids had all the usual classes during the month, and we continued with the Home Ed groups we’ve been attending this autumn. We are really enjoying both of those immensely. Here are a few crafts they, mostly Hazel, finished. I know there are more about-but these will do for now!

We made stars at group:





Hazel & her friend Grace made paper flowers and sold some at a group. Hazel made the paper box & the blue grey card in the paper Flower photo at Brownies:



The kids made these wooden gnomes at group. Kieran made himself a little Kieran, and made a ‘Charlotte’ one for his friend.


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