November 15th: Bournemouth for a stroll

When we woke up that Sunday morning it was a tad sunnier than expected and Michael suggested we head down to the coast for a stroll. We all screamed ‘yes!’ jumped out of bed and scrambled round and headed to the beach. I love wintery walks on the beach-they really make me feel so alive! It was the day after a storm, so it was a bit wild, and sand was covering the path along the beach houses. The sky was grey and wild, but it didn’t rain while we were there.

These are some photos of the walk to the pier, where we had some delicious warm chips! The kids really liked the guys with the surf-kites, or whatever they are called.







The kids first real experience of a penny-arcade! Hazel liked it, but quickly realized that all her money was actually gone, and she didn’t really win anything. Hopefully a lesson learnt for life! Kieran-I think the monotony of it didn’t appeal to him-and here’s hoping it never does.



On the way back we noticed these little shells:



Then another family came round and the man explained to us they were slipper limpets. Neither of us had ever heard of those.

A few minutes later, Kieran and I spotted an attached oyster shell! It has since split when it dried out-but I’ve never found one opened and still attached like this one.


As you can tell-on the walk back to the car it was rather colder!



We stopped off at a restaurant and had some dinner before driving home. A lovely way to spend a grey autumn day!

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