Halloween. Yes, I know I'm out of date!

The last family post ended just before Halloween. Michael was out in California for the last two weeks of October, so it was mostly the kids and I doing all our regular stuff, and waiting for Michael to get back home on Halloween morning. This is how they were dressed at 9am waiting for him:


We had a good day when he got home-we all enjoyed our presents! The kids showed him the scarecrow they made:


In the evening Michael took the kids to two of the houses on the next street to go trick-or-treating. H & K decided (from what they learned on a Barney Halloween video) that they could only go to houses of people they know-and as only 2 families were home, they only went to the two houses. What I hadn’t anticipated was Hazel being ever so choosey over the treats-and explaining to the people that they can’t have the gummy or hard sweets, artificial colours or sweeteners. I just thought they would take what was on offer for the fun of it-but Michael said she looked through the bowls to find a ‘suitable’ treat!! Oh my! They found something at the one house-nothing at the other house-so she and Kieran wouldn’t take any! I don’t think the choosey kids will be welcomed back next year!


Halloween is becoming a bit more fun around here! I even managed to find Indian corn for the front door this year! Our town even hosted a party in the Market Square. I think more people turned up than they thought, as they definitely didn’t have enough events/spaces set up. I’m not complaining-I think it was great so many people came-so hopefully it’ll be a big event every year. Hazel had her face painted, we watched a magician and joined in a few games. While we listened to a decent band playing we had a barbecue pork sandwich, and when it got too cold we headed home. We stopped off for some chips, and had those while watching the end of Strictly Come Danicing.




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