December 9th: Kieran's 7th Birthday

Kieran was 7 today! The years are just flying by! He’s still as adorable and as inquisitive as ever. He’s made a few leaps in the past year. He handles group events like a pro these days. The noise levels don’t seem to bother him as much. He still enjoys learning, and never runs out of questions. He’d still rather get a factual book over a fictional book any day. He’s trying desperately to get the knack of knock-knock jokes. The sooner he gets that, the better for us! 😉 He’s starting to learn about astronomy and chess from his dad. He enjoyed his first camping experience. He won a first place at an Irish dancing feis and is starting to enjoy crafting. He’s learning to bake-and has made his own crumbles.

He never runs out of things to do and is busy all day, every day. His imaginary friend is slowly leaving we rarely hear from him these days. Another sign he’s growing. He’s trying to contemplate the horrors of war-and trying to decide if the atomic bomb was a good or bad thing. He’s learning that every story has two sides. He has actively campaigned to retain our rights to home educate him the way we see fit. But most of all, he has always been such a caring, thoughtful and joyful little guy to be around and I enjoy his company immensely!

The day started with his presents, most of which were a last minute find the night before! Hazel and I got lucky and found a few things he’d like.




We were supposed to go out in the afternoon after recorder lessons, but he decided it was a much better idea to get home and play with the new games instead. Which was rather a relief, as the day before he was very upset and said he wanted a birthday party. I have no idea where that came from as we haven’t done that in a few years. I did toy with the idea of parties again this year-but decided to stick to our agreement that it would be an outing instead. He never mentioned a party again after we chatted about it-and as I said, on his birthday he decided he didn’t even want to go anywhere.

DSC 0392

So, all in all, he had a happy day! They choose the menu for the day as well. His choice for dinner was crepes with chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce. My boy has taste!

This was his cake-he wanted a surprise, and Hazel thought that this would be a surprise, a caterpillar cake!

DSC 0399

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