December 30th: Birthday Outing!

Boxing Day was spent mostly at home, enjoying the new toys and relaxing. The kids played, and I shopped online. I didn’t buy much, but did get a few things from Lakeland I had wanted for half-price, and some clothes from Marks & Spencer’s for everyone but Kieran.

The kids and I also made some winter designed chocolate lollipops. This was the 1st time I’ve done it with them, though I used to do that with my sister’s kids all the time. It’s such a simple and fun way to make a treat.

We also informed the kids of what their Boxing Day gift was-tickets to see two different shows this winter. I think they were excited. If I had been able to pick up the tickets it would have been more fun-but I showed them everything on line. They really make out well during the month of December. They get an advent chocolate every day, a ‘count down to Christmas’ gift about three times a week, St. Nicholas chocolates, Birthday, Christmas and a Boxing Day gifts! The funny part is-they usually will have some of this chocolate till at least Easter-they do eat it very slowly! Neither has asked yet as to what has happened to their chocolate selection packs they got from their Irish dancing teacher. Don’t worry-I didn’t bin them, but they are away until they ask for them!

Sunday we went to my Aunt and Uncles for the afternoon to say Happy Christmas. They indulged the children with treats, and were ever so good with Kieran’s knock-knock jokes, which got worse with the sugar hit!

Monday started very slowly, we were all relaxing as they didn’t need to be ready to go anywhere till about 11am. For their Birthday outing they both wanted to go to the Living Rainforest, so Michael planned to take the two of them and their friend Jenna after lunch.

While we were pottering along, Kieran comes down stairs crying. He’s hurt his mouth, again! I see some blood, but not drastic amounts. All his teeth look intact, and then I realize it’s possibly his tongue. Kieran has a tongue tie, so lifting his tongue is hard enough generally, but especially when he’s hurt. I notice bleeding from there, and the sides of his throat are bleeding, but nothing drastically. He was still too upset to explain what happened and was in obvious pain. And I couldn’t see the cord for the tongue. I feared he snapped it. Which generally isn’t the worlds worst thing, as they wanted to cut it when he was a baby and I refused. If it was snapped, he’d need to be re-trained to use his tongue, but it wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

I called the out-of-hour’s doctors service, and they suggest I bring him not to them, but to minor injuries, and not to wait. Great-mad dash to get dressed while young boy starts to calm down. When we get to the registration desk I see a notice saying there was a 2 hour wait, and thought about leaving, as he looked ok. But the lady at the desk said that 2 hour wait only applied to the out-of-hours doctors, and it was a very short wait time for Minor Injuries. Great-we book in. There are some seats near the very back-but as we were walking a little girl got sick, so I decided Michael and Hazel should go wait in the car, and we would stand at the entrance.

I was rather surprised, and grateful that we only had about a ten minute wait at most. All was fine, the cord hadn’t snapped. We just had to feed him really cold food and drinks occasionally to keep the swelling down, and to watch for infection. Perfect excuse to have some ice cream in the afternoon.

Both kids were delighted as that meant the day’s plans didn’t have to be abandoned. When we got home they ran over to get Jenna who came over to play and bake pizza for their lunch. I suggested giving Kieran something else, but he said he would just eat it when it cooled. Well, ok then. He had cool pizza and ice cold water and seemed fine.

Off they went to the Rainforest, and from all accounts they had a great time. They walked around, listened to a talk on crocodiles, had an ice cream, did a trail and generally had a good time. When they got home Jenna stayed till almost 5pm, going home with one of the chocolate lollipops. (Hazel did mention, secretly, that she and Kieran finished the trail before Jenna. I think she was actually proud of that.)






While they were having fun, I tidied one of my desks, balanced all the accounts, sent in my utility readings, and just made sure we were financially ready for the New Year.

Yesterday we managed to do a bit of food shopping and not much else. And I bet you can all guess what I did today! Yes-two months of blogging takes awhile. But at least Joan won’t have to send me anymore emails telling me she’s waiting for a new blog or photo of the kids!

From what I’ve noticed of today (as I was up stairs all day and they were all downstairs today) the kids practiced their music, Hazel opened a card crafting kit to make her thank-you cards, Kieran made one for his girl-friend, they baked more mince pies, Michael made eggs for lunch and a beef hot-pot for dinner, a dinosaur kit was opened, they watched one of Kieran’s new Fred Dibnah videos about trains-and I believe there was some playing and reading done as well! And that is that!

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3 Responses to December 30th: Birthday Outing!

  1. Clare says:

    Oooh Lakeland! Had forgotton about them – lucky you for getting the things you wanted in the sale.
    Glad Kieran was ok – hope you enjoy the shows! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    have also loved reading all your updates this morning, sounds as though you’ve had a wonderful festive time 🙂 Happy New Year to you all!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Clare–he’s fine, no problems. The Lakeland order arrived yesterday, it was just a few tins–but I love them, especially as I got 70% off.

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