December 24th: My Christmas Angel is 8!!!

Yes, today my Christmas Angel is 8! And I’m not a fan of ‘angels’ and all that-but she really is such a good girl, it’s the description that suits her best! I’ve never known such a kind and generous little girl. She always does her best to try and make sure everyone is happy. She’s kind to the animals, and loves feeding the birds. She still checks on the birds every morning, and looks forward to spotting those that don’t visit everyday. The great spotted woodpecker is new to our garden, and she searches for him every day.

Hazel can’t seem to manage to go very long without a book in her hand. The fact that I have a little girl who likes to read as much as I do thrills me to no end. I can’t resist a bookshop or Amazon when it comes to buying her books– I had a blast when Borders was closing down! 🙂 Sorry to the Borders staff for that! 😦

Her flair for crafting has really come on this past year. The two home ed groups we attend, and her embroidery class have really boosted her skills and confidence levels. She is an expert at making pastry as well! (She has really cold hands!) And like her father, she seems so naturally gifted in anything she puts her hands to. She knows her limits and will always ask for help to get past them, she never gives up.

She is as elegant as can be when it comes to dancing. I love watching her perform! She has no qualms about dancing in front of hundreds of people, and has such poise for such a young girl. Once the music starts, Hazel can’t stay still-she has to move to it.

She started to play the flute this past summer, and has really come along much further than I thought she would. She is starting to make some lovely notes-I love listening to her play it, especially Annie’s Song. And being her conscientious soul, she takes such good care of the flute, and never has to be reminded to clean it.

Her ways with people make me smile. She is at ease talking to people of all ages, something I’m still trying to learn. She naturally watches out for the younger children, and is the best big sister anyone could have asked for.

Yes, I’m her number one fan, and I know I’m one of the luckiest moms in the world!



Yes–she really liked that CD!!




 Hazel decided today to wear her hair to the other side–I think it suits her!


This year Hazel choose to have cupcakes from the shop again for her birthday cake!

DSC 0082


DSC 0086

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