December 24th: Christmas Eve Baking!

Over the past couple of years we have started a new tradition on Christmas Eve: baking for Christmas. There aren’t many places to go for a Birthday outing on this day, so we decided to do another of Hazel’s favourite activities: baking!

This year we baked Gingerbread biscuits and Mince pies, using our own mincemeat! Very tasty indeed!

Hazel preparing the pastry for the Mince Pies:

DSC 0003

Gingerbread biscuits:

DSC 0029

DSC 0030

DSC 0033

DSC 0063

Kieran’s decorated biscuits:

DSC 0067

and Hazel’s:

DSC 0077

Mince pies:

DSC 0049

DSC 0052

DSC 0072

The day seemed to just fly by. The neighbours all stopped in by late morning to deliver Christmas presents for the kids, and a few birthday presents for Hazel. We listened to plenty of Christmas music and Hazel’s new James Galway CD. The kids were thrilled as they knew some of the songs: the theme songs from the Titanic and from Beauty & the Beast movies (they know these from CD’s-they’ve never seen either movie), Annie’s song and most importantly: the Riverdance theme song. We listened to that song a lot!!

Michael managed to bake a loaf of bread and we managed a roast chicken dinner for Hazel. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a sweet potato, so she happily settled for mashed potatoes. I don’t think she truly minded, especially as I think they were full from all of their treats!

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