December 13th: The Tree!

We decided to buy our tree the weekend right after Kieran’s birthday. Michael came home (was sent home for coughing too much!) a bit early from work on the Friday and we went to look at trees. We decided after a few stops to get one from one of the private nurseries on the other side of town. Not only did we pick out a nice tree, but I got a lovely holly wreath for my front door, all for almost £20 cheaper than most of the other trees of comparable size that we saw. Plus-it’s always feels good to give small traders business.

They put the tree aside for us for the night, and the guys went to get it after they dropped Hazel off to embroidery on the Saturday. We decorated it on the Sunday afternoon. The kid’s friend came over in the afternoon and they played while we got the tree in the stand and Michael put the lights on. I kept my mouth closed and let him get on with it. Then when Jenna left, the kids and Michael decorated the tree and I took photos. I tried this ‘hands-off’ approach last year-and it works! I think it works because when I was my usual control-freakishness persona about the tree, I must have imprinted on all of their minds exactly how I want the tree to look like-and it works! 

The Santa for the tree top was made by Hazel last year:

DSC 0435

Their decorations from my mom & step-dad:

DSC 0442

DSC 0449

DSC 0456

DSC 0459

DSC 0468

DSC 0474

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2 Responses to December 13th: The Tree!

  1. Alison says:

    Buttercup and I have just enjoyed catching up with your updates 🙂

    We liked your tree 🙂 Also Buttercup wanted to tell Kieran that Ernest had the same Halloween outfit as him!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the new year xxx

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks you two! I spent all day trying to get this updated! Kieran is very pleased to know he and Ernest have the same good taste. Happy New Year, and we’ll see you soon! (I still haven’t ordered the Addictaball–I might wait till Easter!)

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