Christmas Day

What can you say about Christmas? The kids woke about normal time-ran down to see if things magically appeared. They don’t believe in Santa-they just weren’t too sure if we were playing the game, and truly only expected things in their stockings. They were surprised we played the whole game!

The nicest bit about this is, the kids have no expectations, no hopes, and no wish list. So basically, there is no way for them to be disappointed! They were genuinely surprised by their big gifts. They don’t even play the game of ‘I wonder if it’s a….’, as they generally don’t ask for things or hope for things. The big boxes were the ‘surprise’ gifts we knew they’d love the most-but neither child had any idea, or even asked what was in it. Hazel was genuinely blown away-as it’s the only toy I ever heard her actually say she wanted to buy when she had enough money! She got the Playmobil Horse Stables & Kieran got the police station.

DSC 0093

DSC 0094

DSC 0127

DSC 0131

DSC 0135

DSC 0142

The day before, right before lunch, Kieran asked me if he has ‘one of those car track things like James may.’ I tried to put him off, wondering if he was just curious, or if he had seen the set in my cupboard. A cupboard we never open and that is partially blocked off. His smile was relentless-and so I had to give up that yes he had one, but it was for Christmas. I was a bit upset at first that he ruined his surprise, but he was still excited, so it was ok. It was basically a gift from us anyway, and not from the ‘Santa’ part of Christmas. We did chat about not looking for things around a holiday, as the surprise is the best bit. (He was looking for the large Mechano kit he got last year that we put away till this year-which he has shown he can do.)

Later that evening he decided that he hadn’t ruined the surprise, but that I had because I told him that it was for Christmas. Gotta love that logic!

The day was spent very quietly at home. We have always set up any big set like the stables the night before-we always displayed the gifts from ‘Santa’. But this year we kept everything in the boxes and wrapped them. It took ages to put the two sets together, but it was fun doing it together. After that we made our own American style pancakes for breakfast, and then the kids disappeared to the playroom to enjoy Playmobil world!

After a small lunch we opened up their presents from us, and the neighbours. Hazel spent awhile reading her new books, while Kieran and Michael set up the mock Scalelectric set. Kieran got the hang of it really quickly!

DSC 0145

We had a lovely roast pork dinner, and just spent the day enjoying their new gifts.

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2 Responses to Christmas Day

  1. Hannah says:

    I love the surprised face pictures!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hazel flew across the room and hugged me when she realized what it was–she didn’t finish taking off the paper before she hugged me!

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