Home Education Parliamentary Petition

On the 8th of December there was a record breaking event in Parliament here in the UK.  Seventy MPs presented over 120 Petitions to Parliament from Home Educators across the country in response to the draconian measures put forth by the Badman Review into Elective Home Education.   As of today, we have had well over 180 petitions presented to Parliament, with many more to be handed in when Parliament reconvenes.

I was compliling a list of quotes from MPs who have presented pettions to Parliament for Home Educators here in the UK, and I thought I’d share a few of them.  As you will notice, MPs from every party have presented petitions.

Richard Benyons Quote (my favourite!)

“I recognise the right of parents to educate their children at home. It is the parents’ decision and, as such, must be respected. Home educators from West Berkshire whom I have met have impressed me with their approach to the responsible task of educating their children. Of course it is not for everyone but I totally reject the Governments ham fisted attempt to over regulate this group of parents

Sir Alan Beith (Lib Dem)

 “The Badman Report proposals look like an over-bureaucratic approach when proper use of existing powers by local authorities may be all that is needed. It is important to safe-guard the rights of parents to home-educate their children.”

John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley)  (LD) December 1, 2009

“I was impressed on Saturday by this petition, which came from people who share my concerns about the state wrongly intervening in family life.”

Graham Stuart (Beverly and Holderness) (Con)  December 8, 2009

“This is an historic night. More than 70 right hon. and hon. Members will present petitions from more than 120 different constituencies opposing the compulsory registration and monitoring of home-educated children.”

If enacted, the Government’s proposals will, for the first time in our history, tear away from parents and give to the state the responsibility for a child’s education.

Sir Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield) (Con) December 8, 2009

I should like to present a petition on behalf of a number of residents of the Macclesfield constituency, strongly opposed to the ill-judged recommendations of the Badman report.”

Edward Vaizey (Wantage) (Con) December 8, 2009

“It is my honour and privilege to present a petition on behalf of 36 constituents of mine-that is just the tip of the iceberg-objecting to the Badman report in the terms already put forward.”

Charlotte Atkins (Staffordshire, Moorlands) (Lab) December 8, 2009

“I am delighted to present a petition of 121 names from the constituency of Staffordshire, Moorlands protesting about the recommendations of the Badman report. I am delighted to have met several of the children involved when they presented the petition to me.”

Nick Herbert (Arundel and South Downs) (Con) December 8, 2009

I would like to present a petition on behalf of the home educators of Arundel and South Downs, who are as furious about this as those of my hon. Friends and many hon. Members in all parts of the House. I believe that the Government should take notice of the strength of feeling on this issue and the numbers of hon. Members who have presented petitions this evening.”

Bob Spink (Castle Point) (Ind) December 14, 2009

I believe that the state does not always know better than the parents how they should bring up and educate their children. I am, therefore, delighted to present this petition on the Badman report, which has been signed by a number of my very caring and well-informed constituents. They are right to be concerned.”

Anne McIntosh (Vale of York) (Con) December 15, 2009

“I wish to present a petition in similar terms, in the names of Mr. and Mrs. McCallum and others residing in the Vale of York. I am a great supporter of home education, and I pay tribute to the home educators. We are fortunate enough to have a particularly good local education authority in North Yorkshire, but I agree with the concerns raised by the petitioners-that the Badman review was rushed, that its conclusions did not pay regard to the evidence, and that it confers undue powers of inspection-and I hope that the Government will reconsider.”

Paul Burstow (Sutton and Cheam) (LD) December 16, 2009

I am presenting this petition on behalf of Samia Tossio and a group of home educators in my constituency of Sutton and Cheam and in Worcester Park. It is one of a number of petitions to be presented to the House over the past few weeks that address the issue of the Government’s plans dramatically to extend the state’s power over family life, calling into question the freedom of parents responsibly to choose what is best for their children. The proposal would effectively nationalise home education, requiring all parents who choose to home educate to seek permission every year to do so. I believe that that is a disproportionate, ill-conceived and illiberal measure.

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3 Responses to Home Education Parliamentary Petition

  1. Clare says:

    That’s encouraging! 🙂

  2. Maire says:

    Was thinking about doing this myself, glad you have done it : )

  3. Shell says:

    Thank you for this. I watched the whole thing with the children and we cheered. Never thought I would be sitting around with my kids watching Parliamentary TV and actually cheering! We home edders are a weird lot!
    It was good to see so many LibDems actually showing genuine enthusiasm for this-I think that will help us a lot when it comes to trying to force things through in the Wash Up. If they do try–and with the arrogance of Balls they probably will.

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