CRB checks for all Parents?

“Current guidance states that parents may employ other people to educate their children and that parents are responsible for ‘ensuring that those whom they engage are suitable to have access to children’. Registration would not of itself prevent those who have a conviction for offences against children, including parents, step-parents or privately-employed home tutors, from home educating children. Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks should be a requirement of registration.”

Ofsted’s Submission to Select Committee

The governments official Office for the Standards in Education, Child Services and Skills has suggested, very seriously, that ALL PARENTS and STEP-PARENTS have a CRB check if they are going to home educate their children.  Not strangers children, but their very own flesh and blood.

They are seriously stating—that for me to be able to be with my children Monday through Friday from 9 am – 3 pm, I would need to have a Criminal Records Bureau check.  How insane is that? 

What does the government not understand about parents and children?  How pathetic are their lives if they cannot understand that most parents will do anything they possibly can to protect their children from harm?

We are not home educating our children to harm them.  We do this to give them the best start in life we can.

I defy anyone to find the legitimate reason why the government should make it a requirement that I need a CRB check to home educate my children.   My children.  Not their children, but mine.

Can they not see the madness this could lead to?

 –Will all expectant mothers and every adult in their homes need a CRB check, or the baby can’t stay in the home?

 –Will all couples who are to be married need CRB checks if there are step-children involved?

 –Will all single parents with new partners need to have their partners CRB checked before allowing them to stay in their home?

 –Will all the parents of infants and toddlers, whom the parents decide not to send to state run nurseries from the age of 6 weeks, have to have yearly CRB checks?

The saddest thing about all of this—is how little the general public are going to be up in arms.  We’ll hear all the usual nonsense—such as ‘what’s the big deal-  if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.’ 

How many civil rights and liberties are the UK parents willing to lose because they are sleep-walking through life? 

Folks—stop listening to the stupid rhetoric—and get the facts.  The government is great on rhetoric, but they willingly choose not to deal with the facts, because the facts wouldn’t support their draconian actions.

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5 Responses to CRB checks for all Parents?

  1. Baz says:

    Wow. Looking at some of their other suggestions, the Ofsted submission can’t really have been written by a human being, can it?

    “In the ‘statement of approach to education’, details should be given about: the intended outcomes of the education being provided, for example, whether qualifications will be taken, and if so, which ones; the way in which each of the Every Child Matter outcomes will be achieved, for example, how the child will be given access to sufficient physical activity; and how social skills will be developed and friendships facilitated.”

  2. Kelly says:

    Yeah, I read that one last night, and my mind boggled. I couldn’t even think what to say about it, it was so shocking, so I’m glad you jumped on it.

  3. Baz says:

    Reading further, it’s apparent that Ofsted don’t just want Government control over education. They want control over the way you *parent*.

    “parents should who choose to educate at home should be required to provide an education which equips their child for life in the national and global community.”

    “parents should state the arrangements they intend to make for work experience”

    “An initial home visit should be carried out before the child is removed from the school roll to determine the safety and suitability of the home education.”

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes–those are all in-line with the actual recommendations in the Badman report. The CRB checks weren’t part of Badman’s recommendations, I believe. This is the 1st time I’ve seen this recommendation.

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