Is this the longest post ever?

I started this blog to keep my mom & step-dad and my best friend up-to-date on what the kids have been up to. So to make them happy-I have to fill them in on what we’ve done this past month, other than the Badman stuff!

And as today is my Mom’s birthday-today seems the best day to get it done! Happy Birthday Mom!!

Sept. 19th: Michael took Kieran for another trip out to the Didcot for the afternoon while Hazel was at embroidery. Here are a few photos the guys took while there. Kieran is still getting a kick out of finding the GWR symbols everywhere. He was so excited that Michael got to use an actual mug today (there was a special member/volunteer day, so no paper cups).





Hazel made this lovely mask at her class.


I stayed home and tidied and gardened. Look-I can really grow things!


Sept. 20th: We made lots of apple sauce with the apples we gathered from the neighbour’s tree. Michael took our two and Jenna over to pick the apples. We made two cakes as well.


Sept. 21st: For a new group the kids and I are attending, we decided to do a bird feeder craft. In order to know exactly how to do it-we made a few at home to see how best to do it. This is our finished feeder!



Sept. 24th: This is our original feeder still hanging, so I was sure we had it down pat before going to group today to make more. Unfortunately-I think our original one was the only one to not fall apart! But the kids had fun making them!



Sept. 28th: Carole & Camille visited. This is Camille at 9 months.


Oct. 1st: Art group. Today they worked with clay, to mimic a Picasso sculpture. I had no idea he did sculptures! See, still learning something new all the time!

As usual, Kieran did his as fast as he could without any fuss! Hazel as usual, spent time thinking about what she was going to make-and made a sunflower bowl. As of today-it is still waiting to be finished. She’s done one coat of yellow paint. Will post a photo when she’s done.




Oct. 2nd: Blenheim Palace! We met C, H and S for a play and a picnic lunch. The kids played in the adventure playground and did the maze about a dozen times.




Oct. 4th: The seventh tooth is out! Hazel pulled the top left small tooth out that afternoon. It had gotten very wobbly. The large front tooth, as of today (28th) is finally making an appearance. That main front tooth has been out since the 6th of June!


Oct. 6th: We’ve started what I hope will be a family tradition. We made our own mincemeat, so we have plenty to make our mince pies this holiday season!


Oct. 12th: The kids and I attended another World Day. On the Sunday morning the day before the group meeting, I announced to the kids we were going to do Christopher Columbus. I had realized Saturday evening that Monday was the official day to celebrate that, so thought it would be fitting. The kids immediately ran off to look up Christopher Columbus in Kieran’s trusty World History book (he found this and bought it over a year ago with his own money). We could hear them looking it up in the index, going to the page and reading up on it. Minutes later they came storming back in for Hazel to declare: ” He did not discover America, the Vikings did!” Which led to a conversation in bed about the fact that it was ‘found’ even before that-as there were already people there! 😉 Then Kieran remembered reading something about the ships, he raced down to get his favourite book on ships, and came back with that information.

And yes, we had that happy glow: this was home-education at it’s best! We then all spent the day learning all sorts of new things. I learned that there are only three native fruits to North America: blueberry, cranberry and Concord grapes.

This is a photo of Kieran working with his fiancé!! I’ve already told the pertinent people about this! Kieran proposed, and was accepted by a very sweet little girl! And he has spent hours planning their future!



Kieran decided to play ‘Home on the Range’ for everyone.


Oct. 13th: We ‘stormed’ Parliament! In a very gentile way, as we made an appointment! We had fun at the rally-though didn’t spend much time outside as we had an early appointment with our MP. I did manage a few words with Lord Lucas outside.


We met so many people from all over-I met a few people on line to get indoors, and some of the funniest meetings were in the toilets! (Hi Susan!)


As the pictures suggest-all Home Ed events come with a picnic!


It was great to see so many children there. I really take my hat off to all the mom’s who made their way into the city on their own with two or three young children! It just goes to show how important this is to all of us. I was pleased to see so many from our local county, and from the Oxford county. Loved the banner, they changed it slightly from the bubble blowing event.

I was like a child in a candy factory-I loved seeing so many politicians up close. I was surprised how many I could name! The history buff in me came out in full-I was just in awe of the building and all it has done in the past. Felt great to be there championing a cause-just wish it wasn’t such a ridiculous one!


And here’s another excellent photo from Michael:


We had a good visit with our MP, which reminds me I need to follow up with him! Then we managed a trip to the gallery to watch the Parliamentary meeting. We were there at a time when a bill was being introduced, so got to see an age old ceremony in action.

After that we went to the café for a tea for us and ice cream for the kids. The place was mobbed with home-ed families! Parliament has probably never seen so many children out of uniform on a ‘school day’!

After that, we walked to Buckingham Palace. We’d never actually made it there with the kids before. It was rather more exciting than we imagined-the Queen was hosting a party-so we saw tons of well dressed people waiting to get into the Palace grounds.


Oct. 14th: Royal Albert Music Hall! We applied and received tickets to a free children’s concert at the hall. Another ‘historic’ building to go and investigate! There was no way we were turning down a free visit to the hall, so off we went.

We took the train in and decided just to go to Hyde Park for a walk and our lunch before going to the hall. Lot’s of schools decided to do the same thing. Which is always a fun experience for us: we get to see our two observe school children on an outing. The amount of questions it raises is always too funny. They were things along the line of: Why can’t they talk while walking in the park? Why do they have to stay in line? Why do they have to sit on the wet grass? Why do they shout so much? Why do they only play tackling games? Why do the teachers shout at them all the time? Yes, my two see nothing attractive about being herded along! We did all shout for joy when one teacher let his troop run ahead-he gave them some parameters, and then let them be! One out of about 30 groups. (Kieran is wearing his 1st hoodie.)




Kieran took the photos of the Prince Albert Memorial.




The concert hall is stunning!! Well worth the visit-as the show wasn’t! To be fair-all the children’s groups that performed were excellent. Hazel enjoyed the girls concert singing ‘When the Saints go Marching In’ as she’s learning that on her flute. I enjoyed it as well as it was our grade school song!






Kieran went ballistic when a rock group started playing! I was so surprised he didn’t jump off the balcony to go join in!! I tried to take a photo-but it was too dark. The boy is destined to be in a rock group!

Michael and I had expected a ‘proper’ concert. But when the acts were changing places, etc…, it was turned into a three ring circus, making the kids shout and just scream. Here they had a ‘captive’ audience, and they could have shown so many of them what a proper concert was like. How are they to learn to appreciate and learn to behave in a theatre if they are constantly bombarded with stupidity? Argh-another pet peeve!

We just casually walked back to the train station, and had a very entertaining conversation while we were all packed into a cramped commuter train home. It was well worth the standing-as we were all ‘forced’ to chat with each other. Not often you get strangers chatting away on a train here.

(Almost done!)

Oct. 18th: We started decorating for Halloween! Kieran harvested his pumpkins. He managed three pumpkins, though none of them were the giants he hoped for. But he is delighted with his little family of pumpkins.



The kids made a few decorations with Jenna, and we all decorated the house. Kieran has been playing Halloween music for months now, but we listen to it at least twice a day now!



The last photo the kids took on the timer. Along with about 7 movies of themselves!

Oct. 22nd: We went to the Naturally Educating Home Ed group we’ve been enjoying. When I got the email they were trying to finger knit-I decided not to be the class dunce in every craft! So I looked it up on YouTube and managed to teach myself to finger knit. I ended up making Hazel a very thin scarf with some left-over wool. This is the scarf. (Mom-can you see that tooth is finally coming in?)


We managed to get the kids Halloween costumes last week, and even the treats. I have managed a whole holiday without any procrastinating!! Very impressed with myself! We just have to carve the pumpkin-but have decided to do it on the 31st.

The kids had spotted a frog in the garden-and we finally managed to take a photo of him. Isn’t he huge?


Monday we went to a friend’s house for lunch. The kids all had a good play, and the women nattered! We managed to talk about a few topics for a group event, all before the kids wanted lunch. I think we surprised ourselves! After lunch we all walked to a nearby woodland and had a fun wander round.

Their friend Grace took this photo of Hazel at their friends house.


I was given a knitting pattern that isn’t all too complicated-so watch this space for progress! I spent last night teaching myself how to cast on, and to do the basic knit stitch. I think I can manage-just won’t have a clue what to do if I drop a stitch! Just need some wool now and the right size needles. Oh and Mom, Helen showed me how to properly hold the crochet hook-so I’ve worked on that as well!

I’ve spent most of today doing this and looking online for a new kettle. I found one-that is so unlike me! It’s red and very expensive! The older I get-the more colour I need! (or else it’s just living in such a grey place!) The kids have had Jenna round since about 11am-and are just coming in for the night.

All the other usuals like music and dancing have taken place; the kids are reading loads, asking a zillion questions, and enjoying life! And we are enjoying it all with them!

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  1. kellyi says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

    Having learnt that you know about rocks has now confirmed that we have to meet up, sooner rather than later.

    If you know of any nearby fossil related activities please let me know. We know zero about it but we are very keen!

    (Also – re: geekdom, my husband is 100% certified Geek, so we are kind of living there already.)

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