Peterborough LEA’ response—Scary!!!

And I quote:

“This will provide an opportunity for a child’s home circumstances to be observed.” 

This was their answer to question number 9 on the Consultation that asked ‘Do you agree that the local authority should visit the premises where home education is taking place provided 2 weeks notice is given?’

Since when does the government have the right to inspect the home lives of the UK citizens, when there is no just cause?  Do they observe the school children’s ‘home circumstances’?  I doubt many teachers ever meet all of the parents of their students—so how do they know what’s going on in those homes?

Watch out UK—the government is crossing your threshold, whether you like it or not.

Then, their answer to number 10 seems fairly dodgy to me.  They have answered ‘agree’ to this question: ‘Do you agree that the local authority should have the power to interview the child alone, if this is judged appropriate, or if not in the presence of a trusted person who is not the parent/carer?’

“We have a reservation on how effective this would be as a child might be under some pressure not to discuss any problems but better no opportunity at all”

1. That comment deserves a tick in the ‘unsure’ box, as they seem to be unsure.

2. Who do they think will determine if it is ‘appropriate’ that MY CHILD be interrogated?

3. They are already insinuating we threaten and beat our children.

4. They do not once comment on how upsetting this procedure can be for children.  And I’m to trust these uncaring people with my children?  I think not.

And the most chilling response of the lot was to question number 5 which asked: ‘Do you agree that it should be a criminal offence to fail to register or to provide inadequate or false information?’

 They replied:

“The requirement needs to be enforced otherwise it is worthless”

Yes folks, we will now be lumbered in with axe murders and paedophiles. 

All because we hold our children in such high esteem and are trying to give them the best possible start there is in life.  It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so scarily possible.

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