Mr. Badman's on the Run!

Please (UK readers!) take time to sign this petition and help support us and our fellow Home Educating families. 

Petition to Reject Badman Review

The report is flawed and has used a very small sample of evidence.  They want to inspect all HE homes and interview our children without a parent present.  Please remember this is a report on Elective Home Education–not excluded children.  Excluded children remain under the LEA’s watch until the LEA is satisfied the child’s needs are met.  They are not who this report is targeting–it is after people like us, with no just cause.

Mr. Badman is now scrambling for evidence to try and support his claims.  I’ll send you to these links, as Jax & Carlotta have summarized it well, with all relevant links:

Oh dear Mr. Badman, dont the figures add-up?

Graham Badman now requesting further info 

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