I will not eat humble pie…

but I will say camping isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be! Yes-I managed to survive two nights in a tent in a field! Most importantly-I didn’t drive my husband to the brink of a nervous break-down either! I think we’ll be able to do it again-though not too sure how cold it can be at night time. 10 degrees C was mighty cold for me!

We stayed at a very small, basic camp site in Dorset called Woodlands Camping Park. I wanted a campsite that was clean, small and no electric hook-ups. I know-I can here the world screaming about that one-but I don’t like listening to TV’s, etc.. when I’m not watching them. (One of my zillion quirks!) This campsite hit the marks. But small and quiet was a hope, one I never really hoped to get. When we got there-we were a bit surprised to see an empty field all to ourselves, bar the one couple who set up camp behind the toilet block. As the night went on 2 more people came, and 7 more on Saturday. And yes-the one loud family did decide to pitch tent right besides ours!!! Argh!! It’s like the cinema-an empty theatre and the loud people will always go and sit right in front of the quiet couple. They really weren’t too bad-but they were the only ones loudly complaining that there weren’t any electric hook-ups!

We got there about 2:30 on Friday afternoon and after we (mostly Michael!) set up camp-I had my first cup of tea in my blue enamel mug. I thought that was the best bit!! I loved using my tiny tea kettle on the camp stove! And I always wanted a blue enamel mug-honestly-I have no idea why-but I have always wanted one!




Then we headed to Lulworth Cove for the evening. We had a lovely walk along the upper cliff and along the shoreline of the cove. The geologist amongst us was in 7th heaven! The kids were enjoying throwing rocks into the water! We then had some fish and chips before returning back to the campsite for the evening.





(Acting like a Pirate!)



I loved this tree on the way to the chip shop!


Saturday we had a leisurely morning-which was needed as I hardly slept, and neither did Hazel. I don’t do well in strange places at night-and I think she was just over-excited by it all. We had cereal when we first got up, and then Michael made eggs and sausages for all of us.


(Photo by Hazel)


We decided to go and find a beach near the Swanage area-but ended up at Studland Beach-and we were quite happy to find it. A lovely beach, a sand dune, National Trust café with great ice cream, and the all important clean toilet block —and no cliff side to walk down to get access to the beach! A rare find here in the UK! The kids played in the water for the afternoon-and yes, they really did hold hands-most of the day! They were being rather brave going in up to their knees all on their own-but they rarely let go of each others hands! Too cute at times!





Then we headed back to the campsite, which now had 10 tents, for dinner. We made fajitas-and they were as tasty as ever. The kids explored the campsite and had fun running round with their torches (flashlights). We then went for a night-time walk along one of the country lanes to see the stars. It’s amazing how many we saw-we could make out a few more constellations than we can normally see. The kids are really getting into star gazing as well. On Friday evening when Kieran was going to the toilet block with Michael he told Michael it was easy to find the toilet block in the dark-you just had to follow Jupiter!

We woke today and had a quick breakfast before packing up. We managed to get everything done and packed away within a few hours. I am happy to report there were none of the fabled family arguments about pitching or un-pitching a tent. Which is probably due to the fact I haven’t a clue what to do, so I had nothing to start an argument over! 🙂 So to keep our marriage healthy-I think I’m going to stay oblivious to the intricacies of the setting up of tents!

The drive home was quick and uneventful. We made sandwiches when we got home, then I made everyone (Hazel & I) take a nap! Kieran had slept well while camping so he just played for a bit.  Then the kids went to the neighbours, and we lolled around drinking tea-while Michael was planning which top-box to buy! And I was wondering-what are the best sheets to use, the best pillows, what blankets do those with no heat use to keep warm, where to get the warmest night clothes, can we sleep in hats and how to keep the condensation to a minimum! Ok-so maybe I liked it more than I want to admit! 😉

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7 Responses to I will not eat humble pie…

  1. Sarah says:

    You did have wonderful weather for it, which always helps, I find!

    • Elizabeth says:

      We’ve spent the last couple months waiting and checking every weather forecast system we could find, to make sure there would be three consecutive dry days! 😉

  2. Jax says:

    I put a fleece blanket under the kids and a heavy cotton blanket over them – they are in their sleeping bags too. Yes, if it’s cold at night, I’d sleep in a hat. Lots of ppl made fleece pjs for offspring, would have thought that might help adults too, although I wear silk pjs when camping as I find them very warm too.


    glad to hear you had a good time.

  3. Michelle says:

    wow! You did go camping. Well done.

    Got no advice for cold noses I’m afraid. We wear thermals under regualr PJ’s, mine from Chocolate Fish, M’s are Icebreaker and C’s from MuddyPuddles. Swear by Outwell sleeping bags for warmth though when it snowed Oct/Nov last year C and I were double bagged.

    Condensation can be a prob in our weekender but not in the big tent which has much better ventilation.

    C has slept once in her balaclava but took it off in middle of the night as too warm and has refused to wear again in bed. Sleeping bags have hoods you can tighten to keep warm. I prefer that.

    And deep Thermarests have excellent insulating properties.

  4. Hannah says:

    Can’t believe you finally did it! Your tent is enormous – and chairs – camping has changed a lot since I last went lol.
    Lovely photos, particularly love H & K holding hands in the water, so sweet.

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